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Friday, 13 April 2018 11:14


Greetings in the Orange Venus day of the Poetry ... the day of the Lovers and the Family ...

      Now ...

      The Einstein Field Equations ...(See Below) or in one of its forms ...

       ... talk about a Form of Gauss Curvature ...

     Do you accept that concept? ...

     Below we can read ...

  • R_{{\mu \nu }} is the Ricci tensor of Curvature
  • R la scalar curvatura or trace of R_{{\mu \nu }};
  • g_{\mu \nu} is the metric tensor
  • \Lambda is High Discussed Cosmological Constant ... See Sir Arthur Eddington books.
  • T_{{\mu \nu }} is the Stress–energy tensor
  • c is the Speed of light
  • G is the Gravitational constant

   Now ... we consider ... there are no Such Curvature ... Professor Einstein claim.


    Our knowledge about the Universe ... can be better exposed by few Lord Jesus Statements ...

    In fact, he said ... "I need to visit you ... to find Space ... Where I dwell there are no Space".

    This means that ... Time and Space (and I can quote another dozens of different concepts about this ...) are different.

    I modestly consider ... (and you please excuse if I disturb your Mind) ... Einstein is more Advertising than real Physics.

    Also the Tensor related to Energy do not smell well ... and I consider is also wrong.

   Therefore ... after Gauss and Abel ... we Study Differential Geometry ... the Einstein idea was to offer a Curvature for Space-Time but they are separated Entities.

    Greek honor Titan Cronus ... ruler of Time ... and Again here Modern Science fail ... because the Universe is Spiritual and there are Infinite Nirvanas or Worlds.

    There are also a Goddess related to Space ... and she was know in Rome ... She was called: Lar.

    ... You can call "Lar" to have more Space ...

      Lar is many spaces in a Great Space. Many Houses in a great Town, in a City or a Big Country, a Great State. And if you live the Order of Kronos you necessarily will attract Lar

And Attract Lar, means if you walk with Kronos that you forget your insecurity, the source of Fear, of Terror, the Source of your failure and the source of Yesterday ... necessarely.


    We can add the quote that ... "Time have no Spaces".

    We hope you agree with us ...

    ... We describe another reason ... Why Einstein Theory is Wrong ...


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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