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Friday, 31 July 2015 09:05


Greetings in the Venus day of Full Moon ... the Orange day of the Love in the Family ... the Lovers and the Poetry.

     And I, Giovanni am particurarely proud of my recent exercise in Time to produce ... This fantastic Calendar.

     Like a 'Mandate of Heaven' ... product of my recent reseraches in the Mayan Calendar ... and the Egyptian Mathematics ... equivalent to Pythagorean and Mayan ... and like a New Dimension from the Moon call (Opps ... like She say ... in 'The Pleiadian Agenda' ...

    She the Moon say ...

My banks are a storehouse of negative conclusions you've made about your potential, but you don't remember the original event. These conclusions cause you to repeat situations over and over again when you might have a chance to wipe the original negative conclusion. This tendency reduces your creativity in all new situations. What can you do about this? ...

1) Make a list of seven things you want in your reality. If you want this to work, be reasonable, go for what you really want, not what you think you want.

2) Take your list and work with each thing on it. Take the first thing on your list, such as a radio, and say out loud to yourself, I want a radio ...

3) Ask yourself if you would really want the radio if you had it. Think deeply about this, because you clutter your mind with things you think you want but actually don't. Be careful about this. If you really don't want something, just let it go.

4) Create three scenes of the radio coming into your reality; visualize these scenes in front of your forehead above your eyes, then take each scene and imprint it on your medulla oblongata (the place where your spine enters your skull). Remember, don't visualize a specific person or place helping you get what you want. Do not manipulate the reality of others.
5) Repeat this process until you have created a list of seven things you really want. Then, forget all about it, and put your list in a safe place. Check it periodically.


   Now always in 'The Pleiadian Agenda' ... The Moon ask ...

'The Anunnaki have removed a great deal of gold from your planetary intelligence. But I feel the most subtle-emotional emanations of your consciousness through the gold in your blood. The more you attune to my 13 lunar cycles—by gazing at me, sleeping in my light, attuning to my cycles and the movements, feeling my energy reflected in water through tides and in your emotions—then the principle of 13 will open you up. You do not have to be a women, you just need to allow women to guide you, as I guide you month by month. Guess what? You can do it tomorrow!  

Just change all your calendars so the year is based on the 13 lunar phases, and then demarcate your solar journeys by the equinoxes and solstices!

    So, I Giovanni begin to produce ... Lunar Calendars ... I produce in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 ... each time better ...

    However, I choose some years ago ... The lenght for Months ... to be ... 29,53 days ... the lenght of Metonic cycle.

    From this day ... we have now ... exactly 28 days ... and 28x13=364 ...

    In fact, actual calendar ... Julian or Gregorian propose an 'indoctrination' of your Mind ... Also Electric Voltage frequency ... produce stress ... The Best or more confortable is 120V-60Hz ... In Europe is 220 V-50 Hz.

     Now ... The new Calendar ... is more Mayan ... because written in Duodecimal ... And a 'Trecena' (13 days) is just an Octave in duodecimal.

    Inspired by Jose Arguelles efforts in the Mayan Calendar and 'Law of Time' ... I have fixed both ... Him Calendar ... including the Western Tone and Color ... the Color of the Seven Flames ... Sun (Yellow), Moon (White), Mars (Red), Mercury (Green), Jupiter (Blue), Venus (Orange), Saturn (Celeste) ... instead of the ... 'Kin of the day'.

    Kin are displayed ... at any new Kin ... and the first day of the Month ... Which we call ... Moon-th.

    The Geometry of Time is composed by Triangles, Spheres ... and Polyhedra ...

    We are getting very serious about Lunar Calendar here ... because ... dreams can become true ... and Solution can arise ... because the Moon hold Our Memories in her Banks.

     The Calendar ... offers ... the Color and the Chakra of the day ...

   This Calendar we are offering in 69 pages ... and available in two formats:

   3 Months for 2015 ... June, July ... and 13 Celebration days ...

   and 13 Moon-ths ... + 13 days of Celebration in 2016 ... and the first Moon-th of 2016 ... which begins on Mars-day.

    The Calendar always begin on July 26th ... and ends ... in July 24th ... considering July 25th ... the day of Peace on Earth.

    It offers ... a 'Calm Factor' ... based on the Artistic ... 'Mayan Calendar'.

    All Three Appendixes from Saint Germain Meditation on the Full Moon ... are included.

I hope you like...


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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