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Greetings in the Sabbath day ... the day of Blue Classical of Mother Mary ... the day of the Salt ...

   And ... Physics need the Salt ... with a Futuristic Website pending (futuretg.com) ... we are producing a page per book ... and we begin with ... The Book dedicated about the Science of the 21th Century.

   There are two modes to Marketing the book ... one from the perspective of a Company (Future Technologies) which offer also other products ... and another is from the perspective of the Author.

   We prefer the second choice ... and therefore Book pages will be available at: giovanniorlando.org

   The Dedicated book page ... from where ... in dates close to book release you can download a chapter or a Table of Content or some pages ... is this:


   Please remember the importance of this book ... to break the Time ... in Human Mind.

   It offers explanations to blend ... Western and Eastern Philosophies ... explains World's Religions miracles like Asanga Travel to Maitreya Heaven ... as well Lord Jesus walking on the Galilee Sea ...

   It is a vast subject ... Take a look.

Giovanni A. Orlando.
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