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Sunday, 12 January 2014 17:41

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Greetings in the Sunday ... The day of the Sun, the day of the Lord ... and the day of the Yellow Ray of Healing ...

    And the Past Chohan of the Ray of Healing was Saint Paul (Beloved Hilarion) who works on the Green Ray ... which now has changed to be ruled by El Moria ... who was Saint Peter.

    Now ... My Friends ... there are nothing similar in Planet Earth ... to FTHumanEvolutionCourse ...


    We are very proud with this release ... because not only most information has been updated but also ... the 90% of the Expected Technology is available right now ...

    According to our Plan  ...

We resume here the Saint Germain technological gadgets, we had see … some not in our Office yet, but soon:


  1.  Mind-Switch 
  2.  Voice-Recognition to dictate into the PC. 
  3. A Camera to Capture the Aura.
  4. High Definition Display
  5. Anti-Gravitational Vehicle  
  6. Weather Control to let rain upon the desert.

   Opps ... The Anti-Gravitational Vehicle is not available yet ... What troubles ... This Future Technologies does nothing ... Jajajaja ...


    The FTHumanEvolutionCourse is a Protocol to improve Worldwide Education ...

to let the World ... improve the World

    Honestly ...

  • Honestly it propose a New Science ...
  • Honestly it is a Course for Enlightenment.
  • Honestly is a New Educational Protocol at many Levels
  • Honestly is what you are waiting for ...

   You can study the Rose of Thirteen Petals ... that we use like Model ...

   We consider most or some of the 144 Courses will begin on the Web.

Giovanni A. Orlando.
Фільчаков Олександр Васильович прокурордровяной котел купитьнасос для отопления домакупить твердотопливный котелвыбрать 3д очки для телевизорателефоны нокиа в металлическом корпусегорящие путевки турциясео продвижение ценалучшие планшеты андроидтранспортные логистические компанииторговля бинарными опционамисковорода для индукционной плиты
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