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Friday, 05 August 2011 13:16


Greetings ... in the Fridda-day ... the day of Purity ... the White day of Immortality and Ascension.

    And honestly the Sky heard the concern and worries of many about the Future, their money and their Lack of Faith ...

   It is like to walk in Darkness with the hope that someone told you time ago that at the end of the Tunnel there are a Door.

   It is like to walk completely blind ... into a Tornado ... because your House does not exist anymore ...

   But ... I tell you there are a Door at the end of the Tunnel. There are a House waiting you ... there are a World waiting you ... and there are a God.

  Honestly there are a Good and Big Family and you are an honorary member. No invitation is necessary.

  As soon you arrive ... you will get free access to a Luxury place into a Great Palace.

  Lord Jesus, recently repeat what he comment time ago when he walked Earth.

  He said and repeat ... "I am preparing places for you ..."

  He said that time ago ... and he repeat this year ... last June.

  Thus, while you see troubles and feel concerned ... there are a Plan ... and honestly It is the God Plan in act ... and the God plan is not like some draw for you ... Pray ... no sex ... and Penitence ...

  The God Plan is to Pray ... but travel the World ... where no one inspect my wallet or me ... because they declare me 'suspected' ... but I AM NOT.

  Yes. It is like an Eternal Holiday ... where your dreams are fulfilled ... and 'the places' are the Fifth Dimension. That is the Place where Lord Jesus dwells and where we will return ... Well Some.

  Some others will go still no other dimensions ... and Higher dimensions no represent Higher Level but Different Agendas.

  God Anu say, The even dimensions of the alchemical tree of life create structural laws for the Galaxy, and the odd dimensions live out the laws by exploring free will. The very laws of existence must be rewritten so that the life that lives them out can remain free. It is not that one side is better than the other; each one just works with different agendas. We, the gods of 4D, are the ones who know that we must write new laws of existence.

  The Hierarchy say that United States choose Mars like its God ...

   More exactly Isaiah say,

"Remember, when planets are used for 4D divination, then the can­opy over 4D accesses 5D through 9D. (See Fig. 10.)


The Egyptians used all the planets and the Moon to activate that canopy, while the Hibiru decided to just utilize Nibiru for activating it. Now remember, when the Egyptians did it, if they thought Venus was the appropriate planet, then they assumed that they had the right to consult with the Venusians for their expertise. When doing manifestation work with Venusians, they always gifted them—and Egyptian jewelry is exquisite due to Venusian influence. There was reciprocity and this was enjoyable. The Egyptians also had many esoteric technologies that they had garnered from many other sources. Being a hybrid human/Sirian race, they had access to many stellar sources. The Hibiru did not, they wanted to steal the technologies, and so they did. Here's what happened. . .

I, Isaiah, can report that we activated the 4D canopy in the Temple of Solomon, and then the Anunnaki simply carried out our wishes. The Temple of Solomon was the locus for the Anunnaki to operate through the Hebrew people. Yahweh was not in control of Earth, but the Hebrews assumed covenantal powers. The Anunnaki were willing to impulse people to carry out Hebrew plans in exchange for the establishment and maintenance of the Temple of Solomon.

"What I, Isaiah, have just said is disgustingly blasphemous, but the psychology of it is very obvious to any one who is an American. The United States has done the same thing by selecting Mars for its god and trying to be the dominant Superpower. Since the stated agenda of the Anunnaki has always been to take over the world—New World Order— then by using them to get something, you become them. As for the United States, by using war to get things, the United States has become Mars—violent. The United States of America used to be the breadbasket of the world and now it is the weapons manufacturer of the planet.6 These things will continue until they are seen and renounced by all of you. As we were swallowed by one point of view—monotheism—so were you and your nation will fall as mine did. Remember, I lived when the Temple was destroyed, and this split my heart.

"Yahweh was simply the perfect diversion, the perfect coverup, and then he became an eternal smokescreen. I was not happy being a channel for the agenda of the Temple of Solomon. I was a cipher. I did not do what I wanted to do, and I was in pain because I knew my people could have been more evolved than this. I was not proud of my role, but my personal coding system was intermeshed with the temple system once I got initi­ated. My body was like a computer chip stuck inside a computer, and if I moved, I would bend the prongs and eons of knowledge would be blown out of the Temple or my brain wouldn't work anymore. I was a cipher who transmitted Orion information, otherwise I'd get pulled out of the com­puter and my brain would be blown, as if by an aneurysm. Because I was initiated into a secret society, I did not make any of my own choices.

Just resuming ... The United States do the same that the Annunaki ... Now is time to get the Annunaki Out of Our Sight ... In fact, Isaiah say ...

The United States has done the same thing by selecting Mars for its god and trying to be the dominant Superpower.

    Now the Solution ...

    1. To Get Wealthy you need to Think Wealthy ... Now, let me give my word to Beloved Godfre ... who was the Father of United States, because he was George Washington.

Then you are like a little boy who has his hands full of pennies and his father says, "Let go Sonny, and I will give a handful of quarters"; and he says "No, I want to hold onto these". If he does, he does not get the quarters.

He continues.

As long as you claw on persons or physical things for your supply, you will limited, My Dear Ones. I am not criticizing or condemning anybody.

Now, I Giovanni take the word.

Friends, You cannot say, "Up" and "Go down" ... You cannot say "Yes" and do "No". If you say, "Yes" is Yes. If you say, "No" is No. Easy and Plain.

I Giovanni will explain why you are in troubles.

You are based your existence in a piece of paper. Money is paper. May be a House costs 30.000.000 dollars, but is always paper.

The Problem ... begin in 1913 ... and then begin the people to use "Paper like Money" but "Money is Gold and Silver".

   Before 1913 ... Banks has deposits in Gold (and Silver) and the paper was the receipt ... "You leave 2 Kg of Gold, here in Our Bank"

   Then born the 'Paper like Money' ... but the Gold was the Wealth ... The Silver was the Wealth. Not the Paper.

    The paper is not Guilty. Nay. You are the Guilty ... because deposit Faith on a paper, not in Gold or Silver.

     A Country has Wealth when his Word is Sacred, and honestly ...

      You use like Paper ... and don't read on it. You don't Trust God ... You just want more money.

      Governments are in troubles ... and now things are going to begin to be worst ...

      In the sense that ...

  • Or you choose Low costs for Energy ... Not Fuel ... Not Fuel ... Neither Radioactivity ... Zero Radioactivity ... Or you invent and Adopt Electric Cars ... just to say ...
  • Or your Adopt Free Software ... and let it expand instead to Kill that Companies ...

   ... or the Math will tell you ... Just Bad News ... like To-day News.

   I will end with a Shakespeare comment.

By my troth, yes; I count it but time lost to hear
such a foolish song. God be wi' you; and God mend
your voices!

[ William Shakespeare, As You Like It.]


In Truth I spoke.

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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