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My representation for "Peace on Earth" ...


Greetings ... in this Violet day of the Violet Flame of Saint Germain ...

     When ... was the last "Peace on Earth"? ... When ... is expected the next "Peace on Earth"? ...

     ... What means "Peace on Earth" ?

     1. When ... was the last "Peace on Earth"?

     If you are looking for a date about the last period of "Peace on Earth" ... let me introduce you a parenthesis from the Amorah Quan Yin book, "Pleiadians Perspective on Human Evolution".

     Ra, ... who is the Archangel Pleiadian ... Ra, ... Our Beloved Sun ... tell to Amorah Quan Yin, the author of the book "Pleiadians Perspective on Human Evolution" ... explains that ...

It is important to say that at 59,000 B.C., a breach was created in the fifth dimension by a group of beings from Orion under Lucifer’s leadership. Though these beings remained in the dark regions of the fifth dimension for many years, using the astral planes to psychically control those on Earth who were spiritually weak, the fifth-dimensional breach opened a gateway through which beings from other galaxies and star systems could easily enter.

We can represent Lucifer like Dark Vader ... (from Star Wars movie serie)

(Click the image to read the article from Aurelia Louise Jones - Telos Vol 2,

Messages for the Enlightenment of a Humanity in Transformation)

Then in 24,000 B.C: 

Fifth-dimensional dark-control warriors who precipitated physical bodies; enslaved and/or killed members of groups 5,31 and 37 who occupied the northeast continent; soon migrated to Atlantis to vie for control there.

Therefore these Fifth-Dimensional Dark Lords from 24,000 engine a war ... we hold this war with ships like Star Wars. We hold that war in Our memories and before that was "the last Peace on Earth".

Ascended Master Adama from Telos, explains ... in Vol 2 ...

The path to power is a strange one. Those who view the goal as control over others, or glorification of their position in the hierarchy, or greed and misuse of resources, do not hear the call of the Divine guiding them to serve the greater good. Their actions spring not from the heart of unity, but from fear and separation.

Those on the other hand who view the goal of power as an increase in perceptivity join themselves with the flow of God. They understand that the greater their understanding and perception of all that is, the greater will be their inclu­sion in the life flow of the Creator. They know that the more they evolve their consciousness, the more they will embody their true Divine Self. And from the perspective of the true Master, war is no longer a necessary tool for learning, or a desired opportunity for growth.

Eventually, we will join with you in a more tangible way, and the long dark night that has separated us for so very long will be over. Together, we will create the new dream of a wondrous world where only love and grace reign. Soon, those who hold the reins of power on this planet will be completely removed. This time is very near. Understand that they are aware that their time of control is coming to an end.

Your Creator has already taken back this precious planet into His embrace, and you are now under the jurisdiction of the Great Central Sun. These rulers know very well that the decree to end their dominance has also been issued out of the Great Central Sun. Realize that, out of absolute des­peration, they hope that there may still be a faint chance that they can be successful in their last attempt for total world control and supremacy.

Recognize that they are ready to risk "everything" in an attempt to delay a little longer their day of accountability.

Without any evidence of crimes, they are still accusing oth­ers in order to validate their own actions. Without the sup­port of the rest of the world, they are planning to go ahead with their plans. Know in your hearts, my precious friends, that this time of ruthless patriarchal dominance is com­ing to an end. Soon all will be accountable for their actions against humanity. Be aware also that their fears are far greater than yours. That is why they are so determined to play their "last card." And I do mean "their last card." They don't have any more after this.

It is now time for many of your political leaders to start experiencing a serious reduction of their powers and tyranny. Divine laws do not allow interference with "free will." The spiritual hierarchy will allow events to follow the present course, until such time as divine intervention is needed. This intervention will come when the balance of human­ity recognizes the choice that they make each and every moment to support this old paradigm, or embrace the po­tential of a new one. And when this balance finally shifts, "miracles" will take place everywhere. All is in readiness in the Light Realm to aid your energies in wondrous ways. It is only for you to decide and give permission.

Whatever the warlords ultimately do, there is no longer as much energy to support their efforts. Be at peace, for their war plans will not escalate to the level of a full world war. You have already laid the groundwork for a greater con­sciousness shift than even we had hoped for at this time. Each day, more lightworkers join your ranks. Each day, more awaken to their true nature and finally face the truth of their world. Your time has come, although world events may not seem to mirror this. Do not despair, for all is in alli­ance with you and your goal of harmony.

In the time of Lemuria, we faced a similar situation when

we experienced a long period of wars between Atlantis and Lemuria.

Even in the face of the potential threat of destruction of both continents, the warlords would not stop. The rest is history, and you all know what happened. You also know that there were no winners. Those wars weakened both con­tinents to the extent that both perished 15,000 years later.

Many of those souls responsible for initiating the wars be­tween Atlantis and Lemuria and the eventual destruction are also the same souls who are now attempting to do the same.

Therefore they arrived at the year 24,000 B.C. and shortly they begin a war ... that wars end 15,000 years later, exactly in the year 12,400 B.C.

Like, explains in The Pleiadian Workbook - Awakening your Divine Ka/

The final destruction of Atlantis was primarily caused by an underground transmission of sonic waves so intense that it created a sonic boom beneath Earth's surface. It was intended to break up the higher-frequency patterns of light in the still-existing sacred temples, and to infiltrate these temples with the black-magic and Satanic-con­trol energies of the Dark Brotherhood. Instead, the sonic boom was so powerful that it echoed back on its own source, reverberating within the nuclear and crystal energy centers that powered the sound generator. This caused a large explosion that created a chain reaction in other subterranean power generators and resulted in earthquakes the likes of which had never before happened on Earth. [And have never happened since.] Many of the pyramids were liter­ally blown into pieces, while others remained intact. The major Earth changes continued for over two months until the last of Atlantis was laid to rest at the bottom of the ocean.

By then, the people who had left to reestablish spiritual order in other locations were mostly well out of the way of danger and were able to reach their destinations. A few of the groups who had attempted to leave were not far enough away and were swept away by giant tidal waves resulting from the explosions. This final destruc­tion of Atlantis took place roughly 10,400 years ago.

I, Giovanni consider clear the last "Peace on Earth" and how finish. Finish with a War, the Destruction of Atlantis and then the very beginning of the Egyptian Dynasties ... and Egypt is going to begin a New Dynasty. Yes! ... a New Dynasty.

Now, I am going to explain,

2. When ... is expected the next "Peace on Earth"? ...

The process of "cleaning" has began and is running. This will be a long period ...

Ra, explains ...

At the beginning of 2013, when all of these preparations have been completed, the entire Pleiadian system, which includes your Sun as its eighth star, will become a system of higher learning and home to Cities of Light. Cities of Light are places where entire popu­lations are spiritually aware of evolution and the sacredness of all things. All residents of Cities of Light recognize and live for the evo­lution and growth of themselves as individuals, of the rest of the group, and of all existence. In other words, their lives are dedicated to serving the Divine Plan, and they are, at the very least, at the level of Christ consciousness. Earth and your solar ring are the last in the Pleiadian system to make this shift. All of the rest of the seven Pleiadian solar rings, the Seven Sisters, are presently actualized as mystery schools and homes of Cities of Light; each of these seven solar rings will elevate to its next natural higher-evolutionary func­tion when the new dance called the Age of Light begins in 2013. 

Therefore the process of "Peace on Earth" is running and we will have a Jump ... like a train that accelerate from 2013.

But, I consider that peace on Earth will arrive by 2050 ... With New Jumps from January 1th, 2018, and then in 2023.

But why we have not yet "Peace on Earth".

3. What means "Peace on Earth" ?

If you have a Girl Friend (or Wife) and she does not have a "confident" behavior ... This means that "She is not your Girlfriend". This means you have the wrong partner.

Also, if you have "the right girlfriend" ... but she is continued disturbed by others ... because too beauty, or too sexy ... or too hot ... Not you or she are the problem ... but "The environment is not appropriate".

To have "Peace on Earth" ...

  • Each one will be living in Joy, Exctasis and Full Happiness with their "exclusive" Twin Flame. Not you or me, but everyone and this means ... the end of Sex without feeling, the end of sexual betray, the end of women looking to stole husbands or husbands to stole wifes ... Of course the end of any degree of Prostitution, or Child Abuse ... Therefore, no more Sex movies on the Web, for free or under payment ... etc. You got the panorama.

          Therefore Peace on Earth does not only regards Countries in Peace ... but Peace on Families, Hamlets and Counties.

          No more Trojan Wars because for beauty like Helen of Troy. No more Lancelot wishing him Twin Flame, Guinevere ... the Queen. No more people alone ... watching ... but living ... Just ...

                             Full Harmony

  • From a Technological ... as well Energetic point of view we will have "Free Energy" and therefore "Free Electricity, Free Energy for Cook or Regulate Home Temperature ... and the most cool ... Free Transportation.

          On a Period of "Peace on Earth" ... No Rambo, or Terminator will be needed and therefore not Al Quaida idea or permit to entry a country or to leave a country ... Something like European Comunity ... but at the maximum expression and WorldWide ... and of course No Police is necessary.

          This will lead also to a Inter-Planetary travel ... but I want not to exaggerate.

  • At last ... One Language ... Just One Language ... The very End of Babel ... and this

This was Lemuria, This was Atlantis, This was El Dorado

          and this means Peace on Earth.

Blessed You are,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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