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Not only Sciences or Studies in Humanities, but also World's Religions.

Please note the name "Humanities". Why are not Humanities ... Mathematics, or Physics, or Chemistry ... still Biology or Medicine?

All World's Religions are supported. Not only the Christ Religions but also the Islam, or Buddhism, as well Confucianism.

When I read what Confucianism means, I said I am Confucian ... but honestly I am all ...

We are humans ... not computers or cellular phones ... or animals. We are humans, and only we can recognize a God, neither animals or machines.



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41 A Lesson about Love, by Lord Jesus. Administrator 795
42 Illumination a Lesson by Koot Homi Administrator 812
43 Light ... A Lesson from Lord Jesus ... Administrator 783
44 The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar by Paramhansa Yogananda. Administrator 1157
45 Corona Lesson 25: Requirement, Watch and Pray. Administrator 950
46 The Planetary Christ Office is changing ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1067
47 The Book of Jubilee, The Annunaki and Sacred Mathematics ... by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1137
48 The Ascension of Daniel Rayborn ... by Saint Germain ... Administrator 1570
49 A Lesson for Master Kuthumi: Character ... Administrator 934
50 A Special Gift in the day of the Will of God: Michael Rosary Administrator 938
51 The name of God is within you ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1001
52 What is the meaning of the Mystical Magic to bless the Bread and the Wine? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1127
53 The Reawakening of the Divine Sense by Divine Serapis Bey Administrator 1219
54 We are proud to announce a New Volume: The Physics of the Holy Saints Administrator 1078
55 Archangel Michael’s Rosary Administrator 1137
56 The Expulsion of the Garden ... is not the Expulsion from a Place ... but from a Level of Consciousness ... Administrator 993
57 It is time to think and release: The Holy Bible Revisited ... by the Family of Light Administrator 1056
58 Descubre los 25 Arcangeles ... Administrator 1260
59 What is the difference between Heaven and Hell? ... Introducing Emanuel Swedenborg. Administrator 1009
60 What is Good? ... What is Evil? ... Speaks Archangel Gabriel ... Administrator 968
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