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Not only Sciences or Studies in Humanities, but also World's Religions.

Please note the name "Humanities". Why are not Humanities ... Mathematics, or Physics, or Chemistry ... still Biology or Medicine?

All World's Religions are supported. Not only the Christ Religions but also the Islam, or Buddhism, as well Confucianism.

When I read what Confucianism means, I said I am Confucian ... but honestly I am all ...

We are humans ... not computers or cellular phones ... or animals. We are humans, and only we can recognize a God, neither animals or machines.



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141 What means Jesus ... with "... my Father's business" by the Great Divine Director Administrator 1048
142 Was man created to be like God? ... What is the Plane of First Cause? by The Great Divine Director ... Administrator 1319
143 When the Violet Flamet comes from ? ... by El Morya Administrator 1224
144 Did Jesus really spoke about Reincarnation? ... Administrator 1633
145 Can be Christmas everyday? ... Let us learn from Saint Francis Life (updated) Administrator 1211
146 Erano veramente amanti Gesù e Maria Maddalena? ... Administrator 1511
147 How help others to develop Christ Consciousness? (Chapter II - FINAL) Administrator 1325
148 Were really exist the Twelve Olympians? ... Where are they? ... (updated) Administrator 1630
149 How to develop Christ Consciousness? (Chapter II - First Part) Administrator 1358
150 Is the Christ Consciousness a normal step? (Part I) Administrator 1298
151 Disfruten el Capitulo 18 de "El Secreto de los Andes" ... El Futuro Immediato de Sudamerica por Kryon Administrator 1083
152 Dov'è Giuda Iscariote ... oggi? ... Administrator 1185
153 Got Lord Jesus bad luck or did a mistake to be killed on the cross? ... Administrator 1120
154 Una Preghiera da San Paolo ... Administrator 1263
155 Un importante mensaje del Maestro Kuthumi. El es el nuevo Chohan del Rayo Rosa del Amor Administrator 2651
156 What are the seven horns of the Beast? (Including my own words about Japan disaster) ... Administrator 1174
157 Può la Bibbia mostrarci "la presa in giro" del Vaticano? ... Administrator 1314
158 Ecco tre domande che potete fare a Papa Ratzinger ... Administrator 1641
159 A very pearl of my Heart ... The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia Luoise Jones Administrator 2020
160 The Royal Teton by Saint Germain Administrator 1416
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