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Not only Sciences or Studies in Humanities, but also World's Religions.

Please note the name "Humanities". Why are not Humanities ... Mathematics, or Physics, or Chemistry ... still Biology or Medicine?

All World's Religions are supported. Not only the Christ Religions but also the Islam, or Buddhism, as well Confucianism.

When I read what Confucianism means, I said I am Confucian ... but honestly I am all ...

We are humans ... not computers or cellular phones ... or animals. We are humans, and only we can recognize a God, neither animals or machines.



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101 Who wrote the Book of Revelations? ... Introducing Paul and John The Evangelist ... Administrator 887
102 Do you know the Spiritual Cosmology developed by Origen of Alexandria, a Early Church Father? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 872
103 Can we rebuilt the Temple of Solomon? ... Who was the First Priest in that temple? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 983
104 Bodhisattva: When East and West Religions meet ... Administrator 722
105 Who is Older ... The Archangels or the Chohans? ... Administrator 880
106 What is an Angel? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 893
107 Editorial #145: Questa notte si sono compiute una parte delle scritture ... Administrator 731
108 Quale è la differenza tra Gesù e Il Cristo? ... da Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 981
109 A Gift ... from the Holy Bible revisited ... Administrator 948
110 What is the next Religion? (Part II of previous lesson) ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 907
111 What is the better Religion? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 895
112 "Individuals Would Do Better If They Knew Better" by the Great Divine Director and El Morya Administrator 841
113 7 Pasos para la Era de Acuario ... Un Mensaje para Sudamerica por Saint Germain Administrator 1282
114 Freedom from Psychic Thralldom by Lord Jesus Administrator 1073
115 Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death ... Enjoy Chapter 18 from 'The Secret of the Andes': Who was the Serpent of Genesis and Apocalypse by Lord Jesus, The Great Divine Director, Beloved Lanello and your friend. Administrator 595
116 Trilingual: Mother Mary explains she can help us ... only through suffering .../Madre Maria nos explica que ella debe sufrir por la Ley .../Madre Maria ci spiega che cantera ... ma adesso la Legge le impone la Sofferenza ... Administrator 498
117 Only 80 days ... for Jesus return ... Administrator 713
118 Who were and who are 'The Essenes' ? ... Administrator 1072
119 Archangel Uriel ... explains ... conspiracies and rivalries in the Middle East Administrator 845
120 Archangel Gabriel explains ... What is Relative Good and Evil ? ... Administrator 971
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