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Here we comment pills about Wisdom Physics.

Here we comment classical Newtonian Mechanics to describe our 3D, as well Quantum Mechanics, and Study of Waves, like Electromagnetis, Gravitation, Electronics, and similar matters.

Just a comment. If we speak about the EM (Electromagnetic field) of the Human Body ... Where we can classify it? Biology, Physics or New Age. ... I said all.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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41 What time is in Heaven? ... What Time is in the Center of the Galaxy? by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 802
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45 The Geometrodynamics of Prof. John Archibald Wheeler by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 929
46 Editorial #193: Where are today ... Gravity, Anti-Gravity, Electromagnetism? ... in the 'Limbo' by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1071
47 The Struggle for Aether in Einstein Theory: To Be or Not to Be ... Administrator 725
48 The Book 'Why Einstein Theory is Wrong?' ... will include the research and publications of Helena Blavatsky and Charles W. Leadbeater ... Administrator 695
49 Where is Time? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1168
50 Many advances has been reached on the Understanding of the Universe ... Administrator 980
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