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Discover how Professor Todeschini unveil ... "Inertia" ... exactly like Saint Germain explains but in Scientific Terms ... by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 05 November 2016 09:14


Greetings in the day of Saturn ... the day of the Salt ...

   ... And I, Giovanni want to add some Salt in your Mind ... with the Spiritual Impulse to improve Todeschini Works ... which need ... Editing and revisions ...

   Now, The Life of Italian Scientists ... let me include within ... is a Life of Impressive Sacrifices ... Todeschini was and remain a key example.

   I, have three of the most important books:

  • La Teoria delle Apparenze, First Edition 1954, Second Edition 1984.
  • Einstein o Todeschini? Qual'è la chiave dell'Universo? - 1956.
  • Psicobiofisica - 1952.

Now ... for many reasons one was the Second World War ... and Professor Todeschini begin to develop his ideas ... and keep the manuscripts with him, in the Midst of the War ... or the lack of Development of Editorial Enterprise in Italy ... also this fact has many reasons ... The conclusion is you cannot read the Year of Publication of his wonderful books.

Books are not to be taken granted ... because generally they do not have ... connection with the "Absolute Truth" ... while ... Professor Todeschini, most than any other ... "smell" ... The Mind of God.

Yes ... I, Giovanni learn more Physics from The Book "Saint Germain on Alchemy" ... which is full related to the Holy Bible ... than from any Book of Physics.

We can read ... in Chapter "Create and the Cloud!" ...

35 You are about to create, 36 and you will first create the cloud from the enormous power of God stored at every point in space, 37 waiting to be invoked. 38 The power of vision is central to our invocation. 39 Therefore, we shall create in our minds first a milky white radiance, 40 and we shall see this milky white radiance as an electronic vibratory action 41 of vital, moving, ineffable light. 42 The concentration of the light, 43 which we call the density of the light, 44 is that which makes the milky white color.

Please note how he say ...

God stored at every point in space ... waiting to be invoked.

What say ... Professor Todeschini ... about? ...

He say ... in his Book, "Psicobiofisica" ... in English, Psychobiophysics for Psychology+Biology+Physics.

In the beginning God, will have  created the Fluid Space absolutely empty and immobile, and applying in every point a star of forces ... (Saint Germain words ...)

...  it will have rendered it inert, and dense, so any point or portion thereof could not move relative to the surrounding space without resistance.

Given that the forces are unique entity of the spirit world, and the physical world is exclusive entity, it follows that inaction is not a physical property, as deemed wrongly so far, but a physico-spiritual, that comes from spiritual forces to a physical space. The equation of inertia:

F = ma

In fact. the first member express a Force that can be a sensation to be catch only by our soul ... that belong to the Spiritual World, while instead in the left side we have a mass and an acceleration, which are phenomena of the physical world.

... He then try to explain ... that a rock and a Tree have not Soul ... but this is False.

He ... comment a very interesting fact ... like a Door between Spiritual World and Physical World ...

If the spirit world were not maintained forces in every point in space,

though they were plucked out all, space would lose vital property of inertia. No physical phenomenon would be possible.

Now to create such particles is sufficient that from the spiritual world, the origin of physical World ... have been applied to the cosmic space, static ... several couples of forces. All these couples being composed of equal and opposite forces, have caused the rotation on themselves of small spheres of space, which for friction will have dragged in spherical layers with centric rotatons of space, thus generating rotating electron and Positron ...

I resume ... so generating matter.

Basically he say ... that is the Spiritual World ... and the Mind of God ... that create ... what we saw for Matter and the Principle of Inertia ... expose a Force which is Spiritual ... where m is Matter and a ... is the acceleration of that Matter.


This is the lesson ...

Now the Alchemist ... if you prefer ... Lord Jesus ... used that force ... to produce ...

It is ... Just an example in the day of Salt.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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