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Monday, 18 January 2010 08:17


If we live close to the Center of our City and wants to get a panoramic view of our city, generally we need to go to the hills, and therefore move to a direction that is far from the center of our city.

To get a panoramic view of Our Galaxy, is equivalent. We need to move to a place from where we can observe our Galaxy, and the distance is higher than from our location to the Center of the Galaxy.

How many Light-years we will need to travel? ... If our Galaxyis 98,000 Ligth-years of diameter and the center is far, around 26,000 Light-years we need to travel around 60,000 Light-years to leave all the stars and solar systems and reach a point outside the Galaxy to observe the Greatness of the Glory of God.

Our past two lectures composed by several speech invite us to do that.They invite to go to a point from where we observe the entire Galaxy.

I was there (in dreaming state, or with my etheric body) if you prefer. I see it, and is beautiful.

I also see the time of my travel (while I was sleeping) and the time was 2:19 am. I have an economic mobile phone, made in France and it need that me press a button to see the time.

... I am describing you "a dream" that is but an astral travel outside of my physical body ... visiting a point from where we can watch the Entire Galaxy, in its beauty and soft rotation. I see it, and I tell you that the color of the entire composition is "Cream". The color is not homogeneous, but changes because the Greatness, however is close to the color of an Ice Cream. Oops. It is the color of Milk? ... My God!

I see all the stars and Solar systems rotating ... for a fraction of seconds (more than one). Then, I back and when I wake up was: 4:51 am.

This is very interesting.

Say a number of Light-years. 26,000 or 98,000 as well 60,000 Light-years. I prefer to speak about "60,000" Light-years.

I am telling you that I go from my home to a "panoramic point" in seconds.

If is complicated for you, just do the math 4:59 am - 2:19 am =  2  hours    40  minutes, to go and back.

And so, I travel, 2x60,000= 120,000 Light-Years (like a baby with a bicycle) in less than 3 hours.

Honestly is complicated to be precise for me.

But this is not the first time I did it. 

Of course I go to a small close places. I will formulate for you like questions.

Can we go to the Atlantic Ocean about 50 meters deep ... to watch some sharks? Of course, yes!

Can we sit down close to some Lions in Africa in the Night?  Of course, yes! ... the Lions will feel you.

Can we connect to the Web, when we are sleeping? ... The answer is still yes!

... However, what I want to figure out is that we need a New Physics, a non-empirical, non-BIAS Physics.

We need a Sacred Astronomy, that can be also called a Quantum Astrology, and remove the holes between these two sacred Sciences.

We need a Science with God!

We need to do that. We need to quantify or insert physics in our astral travels, or dreams.

Of course we can go also to the past, and see our Past life. This is called read our Akashic records. I also read some of my records.

It is wonderful. It is fantastic. 

Honestly we all do this at sleep. What changes from person to person is the level of their DNA Activation, but today there are several solutions for that.

I am looking to do more. I am looking to explain (following the works of some scientists never accepted and never considered in full), that is possible to let meet Physics and Metaphysics.

I feel honestly comfortable doing that, because this job has been made and published by some around 100 years ago, and let conclude telling you that the Speed of Light is not constant, but variable.

I don't know what I will found when I'll read the writings of this Italian scientist contemporary of Einstein, that offer another equations different from Einstein equations, but I feel comfortable.

What will be the result of this. A new book for our Children and Students ? No.

This will lead immediately to clean and Free Energy. A Path to a Life-Style that belong to our remembrances. A passport to the Universe.

Thanks for now,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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