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Welcome ... in this section we will include the Tips and News about Human Evolution.

Human Evolution is connected with us like a being ... living in a planet. And therefore we comment about Medicine, Vibrational Medicine ... and human biology, as well Human History.

Of course, because we live within an Universe, we comment about Astronomy, and Physics, as well Chemistry. And because all this need Mathematics, we comment about Mathematics as well.

Enjoy human being ... we are moving to a big holiday after long time.

Welcome to the party ... you are the honor guest!



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181 Editorial #160: Einstein, Human DNA and the Mayan Calendar ... Administrator 810
182 Le Tre Fasi di Accelerazione della Coscienza Umana. Altro regalo del libro di prossima uscita: 'Il Libro della Apocalisse spiegato' ... Administrator 695
183 Editorial #159: This demon Power must be Broken ... by Philos and Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 669
184 The Inhumanity of a Monetary-based System by Jacque Fresco Administrator 1048
185 Saint Germain ci parla del 'Divino Amore' e di 'Armageddon' ... Administrator 834
186 E' L'ONU di DIO ... oppure è una presa in Giro? ... Kuthumi parla degli Stati Uniti e dell'ONU ... Administrator 561
187 Il Maestro Kuthumi (San Francesco, Pitagora) parla sulla Nuova Medicina in arrivo ... Administrator 1275
188 Bilingual: Would man sit in an inter-planetary council?/Siedera l'uomo in un Consiglio Inter-planetario qualche giorno? da Fratello Filippo e Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 528
189 TriLingual: Da dove vengono questi Signori?/Where this people comes from?/¿De donde vienen los Dictadores? Administrator 643
190 A Message from the Pleiades by 'The Family of Light' ... Administrator 948
191 L'Introduzione di Sanat Kumara a cui è dedicato 'Il Libro della Apocalisse spiegato ...' Administrator 697
192 Perche il Saggio sa? ... Semplice perche ascolta i Dei ... Altro Regalo appartenente a 'Il Libro della Apocalisse Spiegato' ... Administrator 613
193 Editorial #156: Introducing L. Ron Hubbard ... in Einstein Theory ... Administrator 778
194 Introducing the Discipline: Science of Consciousness. Administrator 610
195 Let us speak about 'Divine Romance' ... Administrator 649
196 Che cosa significa avere 'Coscienza Cosmica'? ... Administrator 652
197 Happy Taurus month ... from the FT Lunar Calendar 2012 ... Administrator 908
198 ¿Que dilema afronto Bolivar despues de su atentado? ... ¿Porque Europa no posee mas Dictadores? ... por Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 699
199 The Dodici Fase del Bilanciamento ... Administrator 650
200 You=Universe=God by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 751
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