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Thursday, 31 July 2008 11:51

Today, ... just to start ... let's take a look on DNA Basics ...

We're offering a nice tour made in Flash from the "Genetic Science Learning Center, from Utah University".

(Click on the image below to download) ...

(Linux users need Wine. Mac Users need to go to the source Website:

We are leaving now with three questions:

  1. Describe three types of proteins in the human body.
  2. How many trillions cells, human body hold?
  3. How many chromosome have the carp?
  4. Are chromosome only even numbers?
  5. How many chromosome have the human cells?
  6. If "A" leads with "T", then "G" leads with ?
  7. What are called DNA sentences?
  8. How many genes haves the human body?
  9. What part of the cell hold the DNA codes?
  10. Where is hold the information to produce new proteins?
  11. What means the letters DNA and RNA?
  12. Is the RNA ... a molecule message?
  13. Can you see why a cell needs thousands of different proteins to function?
  14. How many set of 23 genes are included in a sperm ? ... and with an egg cell ?
  15. Why a baby seems to the father and to the mother ?
  16. Would be a male or a female ... a baby that haves the latest chromosome couple composed by X Y?
  17. Are DNA included in dogs ... or plants like onion ... or just in humans ?
  18. Is possible to inherit Behavioral traits ... or just physical traits ?
  19. Is possible to heal inheritable traits ? ... What about to do that with the mind ?
  20. How much DNA percent humans share ?

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