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Sunday, 27 July 2008 08:14

Today, we will speak about Human History ...

I can go down in time as far as you want.

Do you want I speak about the last 100,000 years ago? ... or just the last 5,000 years? ... or still 4,500,000 years ago? or just 450,000 or something more fresh like the last 26,000?

How history, our history is described? ... Generally by some books or tables as well old papers. Our planets was there all the time ...

However, let me give an example how we can describe our history, the history of our race, the human race.

Imagine for a moment that the entire planet is like a ranch. A beautiful bing and large ranch. Of course it is so big that include a river, as well some gold mines, just to give an example.

Image also that all the people living in the ranch, is your family ... a very big family. Choose for example, 50 people. Now, would be clear that before the first man or person of your family arrive to the ranch, there are other animals there, like some little spiders, some ants and also some snakes, as well other animals. May be you purchase some horses, or some rabiits. May be you have a cow, as well chickens and also a dog and cat.

... Have you the panorama? Right! ... Now let me make you a question. Do you imagine that never in the time your family was there, some neighbor come to visit your family in your Ranch? ... Of course, someone comes for a small visit.

May be your Ranch was located in a zone in North America, that stay there before the arrival of your first grandfather, and they will be there also the last of you leave for another town.

... Now, that I describe my ideas (remember that the ranch ... is your entire planet) ... let me give you three gifts, as well a draw that describe the last 100,000 years of human evolution.

Because, I was not there but Kryon was there, let me invite you to hear him. I am also including a book for your study and entertainment. The book title is "Unveiled Mysteries" where the author, Godfrey Ray King, speaks with Master Saint Germain, and Saint Germain speaks about the time 70,000 years ago where he rule a great civilization in the actual Sahara Desert.

Can you believe that was a time where some of us, called Lemurians ... live in pace for around 20,000 years? ... or that was possible to live in the same body for over 2,000 years?

Where are the Lemurians ... you may ask me? Well, I said. Some of them move around the globe, 15,000 years ago they start to move around the globe, going to the Andes, the actual Peru, as well North America, India and Tibet.

... The comic fact (yes, comic) ... is that Lemurians are still alive! ... but on the Earth surface ... (neither on some other planet,)

In the book "Unveiled Mysteries" Saint Germain comments about YellowStone area. Today the Yellow Stone park. He comment that time ago the Yellow Stone, is a stone so brilliant similar to the Gold crystallized ... He also speak about Inca and Amazon Buried Cities, 13,000 years ago. A little bit before America was discovered.

Well, without delay anymore ... let me give to you these three gifts about our past:


... and here is the graph.


Giovanni A. Orlando.



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