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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 00:00

Good Morning,

Let me introduce the Electromagnetic Human Field ...

Probably you know that the the DNA runs in your cells. Our blood full of cells is a flow of electromagnetic current that generate a field, the Human EM (Electro-Magnetic) Field.

The EM Field is a field of cords and fibers see the figure above. There are around 12 fibers for each chakra. The chakras are seven: The heart, The Thorat, The Solar Plexus, the Base, the Crown, The so called Third Eye and the seat of the Soul. There are 5 Chakras inside the body and two externals entering in our body, like you see in the figure.

Anger, Hate, Selfish and bad words are a manifestation of no balance. Peacuful words, calm, self-control are manifestation of balance.

There are a person more than other offer you to balance your EM Field. She is Peggy Phoenix Dubro, and she run a company with him husband. Please visit: http://www.EMFBalancingTechnique.com/



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