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Monday, 25 August 2008 08:07

Introducing the Big Cycle of Water.

Global Warming = The Next Little Ice Age.



Any Student and everyone of us, knows about the "Cycle of Water".

The water comes from the clouds, precipitate ... increase the level of rivers, lakes and seas and the evaporate ... See the figure.

But, there are Cycles of Water that runs each 600 hundred years and each 10,000 years that create the Ice Age of our planet.

In accord to Mr. Al Gore in the Movie "An Inconvenient True" (2006), in the last 650,000 years there was 7 Ice Ages.

(Click to download the Movie - Use utorrent)

However, the length, as well the Temperature of an Ice Age depends of the level of water. More water available more cold will be the Length of Time (Ice).

The latest (Little) Ice Age was 600 years ago. In 1400, and we survive. The latest Big Glaciation was 10,000 years ago. However, I don't think this will be a small or little Ice Age. I suppose will be a great and strong Ice Age, but short in time.

Again, according to "An Inconvenient True" by Al Gore, there are over 6 Billion of Gallons of Water, that are moving and melting from warm to cold and mixing in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

Of course, one of the symptoms is the Melting of Greenland, just some miles/kilometers above.

Let me explain how this can. And how the so-called "Global Warming" become a Little Glacial Age.

Of course we have in modern times Industries that push polution and this increase the New (Little) Ice Age. 

Imagine you are in your local favorite beach. Do you get the image? ... Well. Now, imagine that the sea start to evaporate, and it is happening, because the Ice if Melting at Antarctica as well, at Greenland, and this water ... that also represent the temperature of the planet, is going up.

So, now back on your nice beach. Of course for a period of years, all this water will increase and increase, but later, when there are no more ice, they will start to become solid again. In some sense is like when you clean your refrigerator, but a high levels.

At first water, as well the temperature will go up, like now. We are in this zone, actually. Then, around 2012, when all the ice is gone, the weather will start to become cold again.

The term, "Little Ice Age", is well-know actually.


The previous graph from Wikipedia and Vostok Observatory confirm my words. It is clear when appears the "Medieval Warm Period" from 800-1300 AC (After Jesus born, in our modern times. Medieval times, to be exact). And then, there are three minima points in the graph 1650, about 1770, and 1850 where the temperature go down! ... on the whole planet.

It is not necessary to have a double degree in Math, to observe that in the same way the temperature in 2004 and 2006 go really high, it will be down, in the same measure.

Several, interesting events will happens from here until 2012 and beyond. One of this is that our planet will move in the middle of the Photon Band.

Like we show in the figures below, our planet enter in photon Band in the last 1987. According to the Mayan Calendar, we are on schedule.


We are nothing bad, and nothing to fear. All this is normal ... and it is called the "Cycle of Water". I prefer to call the "Big Cycle of Water", because it includes big cycles like 26,000 years ago, as well 650.000 years ago and 400 years ago.

It is our planet. Do you know it? ... and this is our evolution in this path.

Thanks for now,

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.



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