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Thursday, 21 September 2017 04:57


Greetings in the day of the Royal Blue day of the King and the Queen ...

     And recently ... few days  ago ... I catch from "normal" Web-Navigation ... a Book from the Russian School of Physics, which claim some good ideas ... have many and is good ... and that book, remember me the need to solve established Problems.

     The Book is: Vasily Yanchilin - The Quantum Theory of Gravitation.

    Without to enter in details ... well explained in the book ... in the first pages we have three main Problems, that are still "open" because Modern "Materialistic" Physics cannot solve.

      These problems are:

  • Mach's Principle.
  • The Wave-Corpuscle Duality ... This problem is related to the lack of understanding of what we call ... "Light"/
  • Gravitation and Quantum Mechanics.


   Please consider this ... more the formal update of Main Actors (now Main, few days ago we update Secondary ... for a total of 91).

    Ernst Mach ... is well know ... for Mach numbers ...

   Dr. Mach born in Austria and was a "Philosopher of Science" ... he ... without formal statements ... but fruit of his book establish what is know like "Mach's Principle".

   We can read ... in ...

The root of Mach's Principle, as understood in this volume, is deeply connected with the question of what constitutes the essence of the method of physics and the concept of a physical system: It is often not sufficiently appreciated how kind nature has been in supplying us with 'subsystems' of the universe which possess characteristic properties (literally in the sense 'proper to the system') that can be described and measured almost without recourse to the rest of the universe.

The strategy of dividing the universe into ever smaller and 'simpler' parts has shaped physics, beginning with the investigations of the solar system, which resulted in the concept of a mass point for complicated objects such as planets, going on to atoms and elementary particles, and presumably coming to an end only at the level of the constituents (quarks, subquarks) of elementary particles.

On the other hand, it is evident that basic concepts such as 'inertia' and 'centrifugal force' cannot be understood and explained within the context of the subsystems themselves, but at best by taking into account the rest of the universe.

As is well known, Newton 'solved' this conflict by the introduction of the extremely successful concepts of 'absolute space' and 'absolute time.' Newton recognized clearly that only relative quantities can be directly observed but, unlike his relationist contemporaries Huygens, Leibniz, and Berkeley, he was convinced that a scientifically useful notion of motion could not be based on relational quantities. Instead, he sought to demonstrate how absolute quantities could be deduced from relative observations.


The Absolute Time of Newton in 1686 was "interesting" right. Ernst Mach assault Newton ideas about "Absolute Time" in his Book ...


To understand What the Mach's Principle is ... is not immediate ... is how Physics can be explained for what we see ... In fact, Physics is very Empirical ... Mathematics too ... Chemistry too, and Medicine too.

But ... let us talk about Physics ...

    Newton talk about the form ... that is formed inside a Glass (Bucket) ...

    Most people got similar ideas ... (including myself ... I also have ideas ...) for the rotation of Liquids.

  • Todeschini Ego ... catch Descartes Vortexes to be called "Todeschini Vortexes".   
  • Of Course also Descartes has ...
  • Newton consider the Bucket ... help us to prove that rotational motion cannot be defined as relative. This concept go beyond and beyond to Geodesic of Space-Time ... but Time and Space ... are not so "close" ... Time generate Space ... There are "places" in the Universe ... without Space ... but only Time.
  • Mach critic ... Newton about the introducing of "Absolute Space"
  • Einstein intent to give sense to Mach ideas and critics ... he fail.

Ernest Mach Treatise is ...

(Click to read for free ...)

In fact ... Absolute Space and Time are ... Frames of Inertia.

Einstein say:

  1. The laws of physics are invariant (i.e. identical) in all inertial systems (non-accelerating frames of reference).
  2. The speed of light in a vacuum is the same for all observers, regardless of the motion of the light source.

... Are these statement correct? ... No.

The Laws of Physics are not invariant ... may be in a Planet ... not beyond ... imagine in the Solar System or in The Galaxy, or in another Universe (consider for simplicity, High Dimensions inside the Galaxy). Neither in the Planet same Laws are valid ... because there are "places" in the Planet with a "flavor" of 4D (Fourth Dimension) as well 5D (Fifth Dimension) ... and in those place inside the Planet ... "normal" Laws are not valid ... neither laws valid inside are valid here.

The Speed of Light in vacuum is the same ... but traveling is not constant, but variable.

Therefore the "Relativity" of Einstein ... is "inconsistent" ... or local (relative to ... unknown persons that cannot understand what is beyond or behind).

Einstein need more Time.

Now, is Time the missing concept ... in Einstein (one of them ...) Theory of Relativity.

Time is a Highway and is everywhere. Cells have Time, DNA have Time ... the Brain have Time ... and Ideas travel in Time ... from High to low ... and from Low to High. Time Travel is perfect possible.

Can you measure the Speed of an Idea? ... No, but is extremely faster than the speed of Light.

Now ... There are a Time ... that is Absolute. (We will return to Newton acceptance of Absolute Space ...)

The Symbol for Absolute Time is ...

Honestly is "easy" to understand ... is closed ... and you can go to the right (Future) or to the Left (Past) ... You can enter in the Triangle and rotate ... Cycle ... indefinitely.

Can we have a "Clock of Spaces"? ... Yes. Can we resume a Room is a drop of Water? ...  Yes (This concept do not belong to Modern Physics).

Mach's Principle ... is the Wood used to build the Bridge between the

Old Time (Modern Physics) and the New Time (High Physics).

In his book, Mach begin talking about Metaphysics and "obscurities" ... (134 years ago ...) ... but also today there are many ... and for these reasons we talk.

... There are too much to say ... Only we can say ... is that "Any Student of Physics" must read ... Ernst Mach ... "The Science of Mechanics".

To conclude about Absolute Space ... Yes ... but ... Todeschini "Appearances" ... what the Brain catch remain also a book to be read (Only in Italian for now) ...

Well ... I hope you read also my books ...

... To began ... is Enough ...


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando

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