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Lady Nada ... or Mary Magdalene


Greetings in the Orange day of Love in the Family ...

    And time ago there were a Family ... few knows ... a beauty family full of Love ...

   This was the Family composed by Lord Jesus and Mary Magdalene ...

   Like we have explained many times ... Lord Jesus return in 2012 ... honestly was a Physical Activation ... of so Great King and Walker ... because he never leave us ... and Mother Mary Magdalene ... which is called "Lady Nada" ... never leave us ... in his impressive Calm.

    Now, I return today after a while ... to talk and gift a message from she ... where the key message is ...

Recognizing that the love of God may be the most intense fierceness that may ever pass through the heart, by way of consuming on contact the very wickedness that is wont to enter into the hearts of those who yet retain the self-condemnation, the danger in the preaching of a sermon such as I give you is the realization that some who do not have the depth of the love of God will take my words as an excuse to be entirely irresponsible concerning their misuse of the laws of God; whereas such love of which I speak, so great within one's


Here is her Speech ... dictated August 28, 1962.

Sometimes in the course of life you meditate, beloved ones, upon the path of the soul's overcoming and the ingredients, so precious, of the truth that is taught of Christ—become to you as a living thing, not inanimate but wholly animated by the Holy Spirit. And sometimes in the richness of the lore of God and his saints, it escapes one that there are some who have not so deep an understanding rooted, then, in the very foundations of cosmic law.

It is then, you see, that the tender vine need that flame of ministration and service which was and is the path of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose ray I now represent as its chohan.

This sixth ray of love and good cheer is of the heart that understands of necessity the great needs of the pilgrims weary who walk the valleys and the highways, the cities of planet Earth. Ministering the Word, ministering unto the flock, then, is to be a bearer of the cup of Christ and to bring it here and there where the oppressive heat of hell itself would move against the little ones.

Just when you think these little ones are safe and sound, having received so much, it is then you realize that the watch­ful eye of the mother and the father will keep them on the path after which their souls long. How easy it is to be taken away, here and there, and to lose the sense of discrimination when consciousness moves from truth to a little error and then one more gross, until suddenly it is so gross as to totally engulf the child. So it is with spiritual energies that gradually become psychic through the vanity of the ego.

Therefore the gradations of life usually are identified in the extreme. The figure of Christ and Satan seem easy to define. But moving through the marts of the world, we see sparks of light alongside darkness, sometimes in the same individual—and then, of course, the confusion where darkness appears as light and light is so covered over that you can scarcely recognize the dearest friend.

Some of you have wondered why I should be both a member of the Karmic Board and a chohan of the sixth ray. It is because of my long experience in pleading before the courts of the world on behalf of souls. As you know, I have been an attorney in many embodi­ments, reaching far back beyond this civilization. In my learning of the laws that have prevailed in many nations and in my attempt to find in those laws a point for the justification of the innocent and for the binding of the guilty, I have seen what causes men to go astray, what causes children of the light to be taken in by the dark ones, and how they have put upon earth such a cunning manifestation of treachery.

Therefore, I have seen in all of my experiences—and, of course, you know that the lady never tells her age, but it has been tens of thousands of years that we have worked together for the deliverance of souls—and I have seen that always the salvation of a living heart is love.

Now, that love is not necessarily a love that is given, but a love that is already within—a love whereby the child moving toward Sonship and Godhood can resist temptation because of a greater love!

This, therefore, is my plea with you as mothers and fathers and teachers, sponsors of new-age families, concerned citizens dealing with the great problems of crime and the burdens of drugs upon our children. The love that must be instilled, beginning with yourself, is a love so tangible for God in the person of one another, for God in the person of his saints, his angels, the masters, nature, and the simplicity of life itself, that in the presence of such love the abrogation of the laws of God is altogether unthinkable—a love so full of the penetration of law itself, the love of the law as a witness unto truth, the love of the Lawgiver as the one who defends the highest interests of his children.

I believe that this love instilled within the child must also be a sense of self-worth. For if the child is taught only to love those things outside of himself, he is also taught to have a dependency on something that is at a distance. And therefore, the attention is taken away from the self as an individual, the self as worthy, as accountable, as having ability and integrity.

One must love oneself not only as the handiwork of God but as one's own handiwork. And if you do not love what you see or what you have made of yourself, you know that love is the power to consume all that is unreal.

Personally, I like people who get along well with themselves, who are happy with themselves, are self-entertained, can laugh at themselves and their own mistakes and even at their own jokes. I like people who don't take themselves so seriously and thus dive into a spiral of self-condemnation when they make an error on the way.

You must realize, then, that when you feel irritable, when you are burdened with your circumstance, when you are unhappy alone, in solitude, in total quiet, that there is not the inner resolution of the love of the God-free being within. Now, all of these things create the propensity to move away from God in the hour of the testing.

Do you know that you will punish yourself by way of failing a test merely to prove to yourself and all others that you are not worthy? This is one of the most serious psychological problems of those who live on this planet—the subconscious mechanism to fail as a means of inflicting self-punishment and by way of proving to everyone that you are as bad as you affirm that you are.

Of course, this momentum can be traced to interaction with parents, for parents always figure in one's heart as a part of one's self and one's self-identity. And therefore, before the child sepa­rates out from parent, whatever the parent may do may create the indelible impression of the child being bad or unworthy. And this, of course, stems from the fact that the parents do not love themselves in and as God.

And thus, we see, the entire human generation is a lineage of the propagation of anti-Love and anti-Self. And the reason, precious hearts, is quite simple. It is because people prefer to love themselves as human beings, whereas the human consciousness cannot be perfected. And therefore, in an attempt to love that human self, one finds that the human self is not worthy of love.

And thus, one's moorings must be altered. One must pene­trate to the core of Life, to the origin of all things, to the descent of soul from God, to the realization that the compelling force of being is one's divinity!

You may not like yourself for your mistakes, for your mean­ness or gruffness or anger or any of these conditions. Well, we do not expect you to like these things. The angels do not enjoy them, the masters shield their eyes from them. There is only one thing to do with these things—to put them into the sacred fire and then to affirm their unreality past, present, and future!

Therefore, we come to the platform of self-forgiveness. Christ in you can forgive you. But you the soul must be humble enough to accept that forgiveness and not to, in your willfulness, continue to affirm that meanness or that sinfulness almost by way of a perverted pride or an untoward false humility.

Now, I reveal to you the tricks that the human mind plays upon itself and upon your soul by way of limiting the expansion of the divinity within you. And I do this for a purpose. For I come to teach you the way of the sixth ray of Christ and his servants.

Why do you think so many people in this world consider themselves not only unworthy to be disciples of Christ but absolutely unworthy to be the manifestation of Christ himself? Pure and simple it is: They do not like themselves, they do not approve of themselves, and they act unwittingly to use the power that God has given them to reinforce the entire momentum of condemnation of the souls of God upon earth!

And many people, even the spouses of our devotees, have cast themselves in a certain mold and have said, "I am this and I am that and I am this, and therefore I am not worthy to be a serious churchgoer or a follower of God. I will leave that to you because I am what I am. Leave me to be what I am."

And all of this is nothing more than a human momentum multiplied by the mass consciousness, multiplied by the media, which has a way of reinforcing everyone's belief in their own humanness and denying anyone's possible hope in their own Christhood. It is as though the entire world were in a deep sleep, accepting this hypnotic spell that has been cast upon it.

And yet Christ has come, and he has lived, and he has taught the fulcrum of the Path to be one of forgiveness—which never can be sealed, of course, without the forsaking, again and again and again if necessary, the wrongness of one's willful ways.

Beginning at the beginning, then, let us teach our children— and this includes our soul, for the soul is the child emerging to the divine Sonship in your temple. Let us teach our children the reality of love. Let us realize that love, as the intense white fire of God, is that quality which molds and perfects and elevates and disciplines. It is a love that loves so much that it does not fear to chastise, to bring into alignment—but always by love.

For each and every time the condemnation is conveyed of the human mind, the condemnation of the devils themselves, then there is a loss of that love tie.

Now, where can you go for the example of just what is the razor's edge? You have only to look at John the Baptist and the Lord Christ to see how they dealt both with the children of light and with the sons of Belial.

Recognizing that the love of God may be the most intense fierceness that may ever pass through the heart, by way of consuming on contact the very wickedness that is wont to enter into the hearts of those who yet retain the self-condemnation, the danger in the preaching of a sermon such as I give you is the realization that some who do not have the depth of the love of God will take my words as an excuse to be entirely irresponsible concerning their misuse of the laws of God; whereas such love of which I speak, so great within one's being, also loves the friend, the brother, the sister as well—enough to say, "I must pay back to the last farthing each and any and all that I have caused to be a burden upon you." And do you know, the saints in their desiring to serve have never been satisfied until they could pay back ten times what they have wrought as a burden against the body of God upon earth.

Therefore, my beloved, from my perspective I see that the lost chord of the teaching of the Cosmic Christ and the missing link from the evolution of man, from the standpoint of the human to the divine, is the truth concerning the nature of love.

Let us sit at the feet, then, of John the Beloved, as he comes again to continue his teaching this fall at Summit University.' This beloved ascended master will also be reinforced by the seven chohans; for we have only begun to speak to you concerning the fundamental lessons of life that you must now master, not only for your own mastery but to teach others the way.

For the path of ministration and service is to reinforce again and again to these little ones what is the meaning of embodied Christhood, what is the meaning of the living Word. And therefore, those who care for children know best just how much care is necessary to bring out the fullness of the child, to be with that child in all of the years of expansion and growth and self-discovery in the midst of discovering two worlds—the world of imperfection with all of its allure and the world of perfection which, too, has the great magnetism of God.

Thus, I advocate to you an understanding of being a Keeper of the Flame. "The Keeper's Daily Prayer"2 is something that comes from my heart each day, because as I was embodied in a large family of many brothers and sisters of great talent, I saw how each one in pursuing his career needed love and ministration and the keeping of the flame of the sacred fire in order to be successful.

And thus, although the choice was given to me to pursue my own career, unbeknownst to my brothers and sisters I quietly kept the flame in deep meditation and prayer as well as outer helpful­ness, in contacting the great spheres of their divine plan, and in accelerating through the mighty archangels Chamuel and Charity in the understanding that the adversaries of love are many, and that love is the full power of creativity, and the success of the career son or daughter of God depends upon the defeat of that adversary, point/counterpoint.

And therefore, in the course of defending the Christhood of my brothers and sisters, I had to advance in my own self-mastery to confront the fallen ones that attempted to thwart them in their most magnificent lifestreams and their offering to the world. Thus, I understood love as the consuming fire of the Holy Spirit that, by that Holy Ghost, does indeed challenge and bind the wicked in the way!

There is no power greater than the ruby ray, for it is actually and symbolically the blood of Christ. And the blood of Christ is charged directly from the Godhead with the very source of Life itself. And Life consumes anti-Life that is death. And Antichrist is death to the soul that is emerging to become that perfect Self.

Some of you have had the joy of being with the little child taking that first step. And you have known the balance between guarding the child from hurting himself and, again, allowing the child to have the victory of the first step without any assistance at all. And, of course, this is most important because the first step of the baby holds the divine memory of the first step of the chela on the Path.

None can take it for another. One must place one's foot firmly, by the inner will. Therefore, we advocate allowing the little child to fall and fall again until, in the determination of that self-mastery, his first step will he his own and not at the hand of another.

Well, you see, beloved ones, there is a great parallel in life. For In order to master any area, one must contain the resolve, the determination, the understanding, the mathematical formula. And when one realises that one cannot succeed in a certain area without further skill, practice, training, probing, et cetera, and he contains the desire to succeed, he will go after those precise skills and he will win! And there is no replacement for that God-determined individual who has determined to let nothing stop him in the winning of the race.

You have seen this portrayed in Chariots of Fire. You have seen the fullness of the light of God as I saw it in my brothers and sisters. I saw, therefore, that actually very few on earth make it without the silent witness, the coordinate, the one who acts as guardian angel. And yet, I would not interfere or impose, but I worked at inner levels even with their very souls and with the archangels.

And so I learned a path of love, and I learned that everyone who goes forth to conquer has moments of self-doubt or thinks that after all of their trying, their works are not too good after all or that no one will want them or no one will appreciate their tal­ent. There is a moment of total self-blindness when the individual may make the decision not to go forth as that conqueror.

It is the flaming heart of the Mother embodied in the friend, the loved one, the ministering one that provides that help when the individual himself must give all of his strength and energy, all of his drive to the making of the mark at that precise moment. And therefore, even Christ on the fourteen stations of the cross yet had the balance of his mother, there holding the flame of watchfulness, of encouragement, of beauty, of the divine memory of the end that is known from the beginning.

I would have you understand that the rotations of the plan­ets, the movements of the stars in their courses is a perpetual example, reinforced subconsciously, that all of life is in the ritual of ministration and that the repetition of that ministering is the necessity and the beauty of Christ appearing. And as you come to see the need for daily service to be repeated each and every day without fail in your occupations, you move from the mastery of individual Christhood on the sixth ray to the full mastery of the seventh-ray ritual of the holy orders of God.

Some have said, in considering those whom it is obviously their opportunity to serve, "I have told that person this, not once but many times over, and they still move against this principle or this law." Well, you see, beloved hearts, that is the obvious need for ministration. It is like the watering of the flowers. The rains come and they come again, and the elementals do not complain that they have given their water yesterday.

There are things we all need on a daily basis. And yet when it comes to the teaching of the sacred precepts of the law, we think somehow, either in ignorance or sometimes in pride, that if we have given our teaching, our word ought to be obeyed. And if it is not obeyed, well, it is too bad for that individual—they had their chance.

Well, if the angels took this attitude, I daresay that none of you would have a ministering angel today. For you have been ministered unto for tens of thousands of years. And so you see, when it is oneself, it is easy to understand that one may need comfort and need it again and again. But in giving to others, we think, "Why is this person always, always needing comfort when God is obviously so always present?"

Well, that God needs to be obviously present in you, beloved! For it is obvious, or should be to you, that the individual cannot see God or understand his comfort unless you bring it personally. And so in your perception, therefore, you have the opportunity to be God. By your perception of others' needs, I say, put on your Godhood—instead of by your perception of your own needs.

Some look at Studies in Alchemy and they say to themselves, "Let me see. What do I need today?" And whatever that need may be, they begin to give their decrees to the violet flame and their visualizations and their written letters to the Karmic Board. And thus, their perception of their Godhood is to magnetize to themselves all possible needs, wants, desires they could have upon this earth.

We, the chohans, therefore observe. And we allow souls of light to pursue in this way for many a year, for we know the end must soon come. When they have finally magnetized everything they could think of under the sun and realize that their souls are still empty and there is still that longing for the lost chord, they may come to the realization that it is not the use of the Path for the getting unto oneself but the use of the Path to supply the needs of others that is its highest application.

I must tell you that you truly arrive at the point of the ruby-ray exercise when you have no needs or wants, and you think to yourself, "How rich I am in the wisdom of God, his glory, and his love." And when someone asks you if you have a need or "What would you like for your birthday?" you cannot think of a single thing because you are so happy. And therefore, it remains for another to perceive perhaps you need a new pair of shoes or perhaps you have worn the same coat for five years, and they will bring yen another. But you yourself couldn't be happier and would not even notice that there is an incompleteness in your outer manifestation. Such is the happiness of the saints.

We look upon the metaphysical movements of the world as being in the infancy of the pursuit of Christhood; for many of these consider the mark of attainment the fullness of health, wealth, and happiness, as the standards of their spirituality.

Well, beloved hearts, some of the most spiritual people in the world are so bearing the burdens of life that they may be in abject poverty, they may have nothing, they may be burdened with an incurable disease, they may be bowed down with all sorts of problems. And those who point the finger and condemn are the very ones who need attainment on the sixth ray of ministra­tion and service.

And if they would run to the aid of that one, they would discover in themselves the lack of the one great gift that that individual possesses: love. Love within the heart that is content to bear the burden of others. Love in the heart that trusts God in the hour of adversity. Love that does not complain simply because all things are not in the fullness of the richness of Western civiliza­tion, as the dreams of this West are created out of the images of opulence, luxuriousness, unending food, etc etera.

Beloved hearts, it would be well to look around at the civilization in which you find yourselves. It would be well to consider how many of its values have been imposed upon you from without and have no originality in your soul or in your Source.

It would be well for you to look to see on which of the seven rays you are wanting. Rather than to major on the ray that you have a great momentum of (or think you do), look toward the one where there is an absence of either understanding or perception of the chohan or the missions of the saints on those rays. Then go after those decrees, call for the purification of the corresponding chakra, and seek to hold the balance.

For here, in proximity to the Royal Teton, you have the opportunity to anchor the seven rays of the seven mighty Elohim that are focused there, concentrated and anchored in that image of the All-Seeing Eye of God. This balance will enable you to help all people, to understand people of all races and walks of life; for you realize that there is one of the world's major religions that applies to each of the seven rays.

Blessed ones, I can assure you that at the conclusion of my incarnation when I saw the victory of each one of my brothers and sisters, the fullness of my joy was in a heart of love expanded, keeping the flame—keeping the flame and knowing that I was needed, that I was essential to their victory.

And yet in their own right, each one did attain on his own—as much as the Great Law understands this oneness, this singleness of the individed individ­uality where, although no man is an island and all are mutually interdependent in the Great White Brotherhood, yet the individ­ual himself, by his own self-reliance, forges and wins.

Beloved hearts, it seemed to the world, and perhaps even to my own, that I had not accomplished much. But I took my leave into the higher octaves thoroughly understanding the meaning of the self-mastery of the pink flame. Thus, it was from the point of the third ray that I entered into the heart of Christ and saw the application as ministration and service. And therefore, in my practice of law, I realized that the love of the law is its use in the defense of the helpless, of the innocent, and of the guilty.

Now, as we look to the uses of our community in terms of the sixth ray, we must go back to the needs of those members who are in the community themselves who have the teaching and the law and are in the very process of figuring out their own personal psychology, their own personal path.

These need to be God-taught, to be loved, to be understood. And the least among you may provide unto the wise the necessary key to their own discern­ment. Each one of you has the capacity to help another, and even someone whom you think needs no help.

All people need help. The ascended masters need help! And the more humble is your receptivity to the help of anyone, the more you will realize that self-sufficiency is only sufficient in God and in community itself.

Therefore, our work is twofold. The needs of the members of this community are unique. And as it represents the body of God, there must be a turning to one another in love and helpfulness. And there must be receptivity to this. For if one is not receptive, sometimes those who would be helpers withdraw by the rebuff or the rejection, as some in their pride think that the slightest suggestion may be a criticism or a debasing of themselves, even when they think they are wise or more wise than they are. One can perceive in oneself spiritual pride when one is not responsive to the receipt of truth from anyone.

On the other hand, as a body, you have an area of wholeness that the world has not known. You have something to give which even you yourselves have not understood. It is the simple joy of the victory of the light demonstrated in daily life.

It is so important that you realize, as you demonstrate the law and shaw its victory, that others may be converted and experience their own liberation. And therefore, each day when you come upon its burdens, you do not submit or succumb—not because of yourself but because of God in the one nearest you who is only looking to your example.

And if you give it not, they will say, "Well, that religion doesn't work. If one day she's up and one day she's down, and now he's grumpy and cross and now he's happy, what can that religion do for me?" And so, you see, when you let yourself indulge the mood energies of your own subconscious or the world, you are not proving that with God all things are possible, that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.6

Thus, through the eyes of the Chohan of the Sixth Ray, I desire that you should see that the victory of the flame to those on this path has a greater accountability than any other. For to those to whom has been given so great a salvation, so great an understanding, of them is required the greater example and the greater proof.7

For you see, if this truth is truth, then the world will say, "Those who have it ought to be at least practically perfect." And they will not forgive you for those things for which they forgive themselves, because they say, "We are sinners. We can do these things. We haven't said that we are good or that we are students of the masters. These are our sins. We openly confess and discuss them." And in many cases, they are not even ashamed, for they have no sensitivity or conscience to sin.

But they know exactly what you ought to be doing, what you should be doing, and they are the first ones to tell you when you are not! Sometimes they move in with their condemnation even before you feel the nudging of your own guardian angel. So, you see, those who are swift to condemn are the ones you seek to convert by being that example, not of yourself—"not of I, but of God in me."

The sixth ray is the most practical, down-to-earth path. This is what Jesus came to show. Whatever he did, he did publicly. And it was concerned with physical things—physical diseases, physical conditions, the oppression of the then Nephilim govern­ment of the planet—the principles of the law constantly preached and practiced by physical example, by personal sacrifice, by personal burdening of oneself with the karma of one's friends.

Now, in the victory of the God flame of your own Christ Self, I commend you to the flame of perfect cheer.

In the name of the living Word, let there be drawn to this focus those hearts who understand the meaning of the con­veyance of the mission by the divine art through media, through the Word, through example in every form that it can be given, through the illustration of life—beginning with oneself. And then, hand in hand, let us see what we can work as the work of God, as the many sealing the Person of Christ in us all. I bid you good-day in the victory of the pink rose.

Lady Nada.

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