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Wednesday, 24 May 2017 14:32


Greetings in the Mercury-day of Balance ... The day when you must take care of Our Balances ... Payments ... and the Highest Balance is: "Above must be like Below".

     Now, I Giovanni discover ... "The Millenium Problems" ... few months later the year 2000 ...

     Only at the end of 2002 ... I order the Keith Devlin book ... and this Writer ... High Divulgative ... and Professional ... may never wonder ... about "Another Mathematics" or "Infinite Mathematics".


    Three are the concepts we plan to talk here ... in the Pre-Anniversary of Our Company:

  1. How Einstein Theory ... never Consider Information ... Terabytes ... Gigabytes ... like Energy ... Humm
  2. How ... if we consider P (Polynomial) and NP (not Polynomial) ... Levels of Consciousness ... we are only looking an Iceberg ... In fact, what "we" (but is one auhor) are doing ... is to Solve the Problems ... extending Consciousness. The Mayan Calendar introduce 13 Levels of Consciousness ... Humanity is UNAWARE ... but they talk about ... Polynomial and Not Polynomial problems. The Earth was not created in 7 Days ... but in 7 Days and 6 Nights ... =13 Times.
  3. What is the Problem: P vs NP ... and its consequences.


  I (or We like you prefer) are NOT only working on ... Physics ... but also on Mathematics ... because Physics never will works or never will be full figured without the "Quantum Mathematics" and the "Influential Numbers".

   What is an Influential Number? ... You can say ... Pi π, or e ... or some other ... but generally all these are Irrational ... (and sorry ... un-important, not important). They are unimportant because are not Natural Numbers ...

   Just to say we have not a Mathematics connected with Time ... and Time is 4D (Einstein is correct here) ... but Numbers are Supra-Mental beyond Mind (José Argüelles) ... and The Mind (Freud) ... is the Airport of 4D ... to be proven.

      Therefore we never will Figure ... Gravitation or Magnetism ... without the Quantum Mathematics.

       One of the "New concepts" we will introduce ... related Why Einstein Theory is Wrong is ... Information.

       This close Point 1.


       To begin to talk about ... What is P vs NP Problem ... One of the Millenium Problems ... we can say that ...

       In a Letter dated 1956 ... Kurt Gödel asked von Neuman about the computational complexity of a NP Problem. Like you know ... Gödel prove that no matter how Hard you can try ... writing a set of "Axioms" ... always there will be a result ... outside the consequence of such set ... This is ... the sense of "Incompleteness".

      The P vs NP problem ... as stated by Clay Math wants to ... consider ...

Suppose that you are organizing housing accommodations for a group of four hundred (400) university students. Space is limited and only one hundred (100) of the students will receive places in the dormitory. To complicate matters, the Dean has provided you with a list of pairs of incompatible students, and requested that no pair from this list appear in your final choice. This is an example of what computer scientists call an NP-problem, since it is easy to check if a given choice of one hundred students proposed by a coworker is satisfactory (i.e., no pair taken from your coworker's list also appears on the list from the Dean's office), however the task of generating such a list from scratch seems to be so hard as to be completely impractical.

Indeed, the total number of ways of choosing one hundred students from the four hundred applicants is greater than the number of atoms in the known universe!

Thus no future civilization could ever hope to build a supercomputer capable of solving the problem by brute force; that is, by checking every possible combination of 100 students. However, this apparent difficulty may only reflect the lack of ingenuity of your programmer. In fact, one of the outstanding problems in computer science is determining whether questions exist whose answer can be quickly checked, but which require an impossibly long time to solve by any direct procedure. Problems like the one listed above certainly seem to be of this kind, but so far no one has managed to prove that any of them really are so hard as they appear, i.e., that there really is no feasible way to generate an answer with the help of a computer. Stephen Cook and Leonid Levin formulated the P (i.e., easy to find) versus NP (i.e., easy to check) problem independently in 1971.


  Now ... let me add my Salt.

  You can consider for a moment NP (like Not Polynomial) ... or ... How Dark is the Darkness? ... No one figure.

  To be very clear ... Mostly of us are ... Volunteers in the "Dark Night" ... We live home (a place of Light to descend in Lower Octaves with No Warrant of return) ... and mostly of us ... repent such decision ... because Darkness was greater ... more Dark than expected ... I can consider that while Light enforce ... mostly Dark Lords ... send more forces to combat such Light ... and this we live today ...

    You can read this ... here for free (...

The Dark Night of the Heart

Last Steps of Initiation for Final Admission to the Fifth Dimension)

    Now ... How we can figure ... the NP problem ... in relation to the unexpected Dark Darkness? ...

    Well ... The Problem with Light vs Darkness is ... or can be reduced to ... add an impressive Light ... the reduction of Darkness and the Triumph of Light ... This don't means Darkness is Destroyed ... never will ... but ... change address and what remains is "controllable".

   Now ... I do not want to solve the NP posted problems ... to choose 100 from 400 students ... here ... but I can organize these 400 Students in levels of 13, or groups of 13.

    Now ... No name, neither Last name from Students ... not City ... not Age ... but Each Student can be classified into a "Petal of the Rose" ... of 13 Petals ...

     After we began ... this "Mental" Organization ... Not Mechanical ... we will have a "Quantum" Division and the relative Solution.

     I say the relative Solution ... to be proven ...


      The Conclusions of ... "Why Einstein Theory is Wrong" ... are Extreme ... and related to MANY Concepts ... mostly New.

  We can't say ... anything else for now.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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