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Greetings in the Mars-day of the Pink day of Love ... The Love of God ...

     And in the Escalation to establish Order in the Bibliography of the Book ... @WhyEinsteinTheoryisWrong ... I, Giovanni Book Director find between my books ... one in Italian ... a Book related to Murphy's Laws ... which is ... an Anthem ... for atheist as well disbelievers ... as well a Test of Fear at many levels.

     From some perspective ... Murphy's Laws are very funny:

    Let me quote ... Peter's Theorem:

         Incompetence plus incompetence equals incompetence.

   (I do not know if this Peter ... I, Giovanni do not know his last name ... will find a Job in some place ... )

    Now ... others statement are very Offensive ... related by Mother Nature ... which is God Itself ... I prefer to avoid to comment, because I AM not a disbeliever.

    Explanations will be offered by ... I prefer to begin with an Example ... and is a Person ... His name (was and is): Abraham. (Ibrāhīm in Islam Religion)

    I recently listen his words ... Do you listen Abraham? ... Yes (Please do not consider for now this point ... take as granted because Science is still very rudimentary and Mathematics is empirical.)

    Now Abraham said ... When I was an Old man ... I was not greater than your minimal measure (he was not tall, but small ... size 'S'.). He said ... I have many loves (women) and I have two sons: The first a son, then another ... the first (Isaac) create the bloodline of Christ ... He call (generate) Jacob and he create the Sons of the Twelve Laws ... (The fathers of the Tribe of Israel) ... and the other create the Bloodline that give you until Mohammad ... that you will soon see.

     Now ... Abraham said ... I lived in a Desert ... not in a Green place like you ... and I like an expert in Agriculture. Each one visit me ... got Rice, Water, Tomato, Grains ... each one.

    Now ... Is more than evident ... that Abraham do not consider the Option of Failure ... in a Planet where people live in "Comfort" ... their "simple" Lives.


   Let us talk about Physics ... Now ... Why Matter is Stable? ... Why a Glass (Empty) or Full ... do not decompose? ... Why Matter remains together and do not risk Failure or Murphy Laws? ...

   Is Easy ... but is Alchemy the "Science" that provide the answer ... Modern Physics ... because inexact (I excuse with Scientific Atheist, cycling with Irrational Constants looking for exact number of decimal ... unaware of Heavenly Numbers ... All Naturals).  

   Matter remain constant and Stable ... and Atoms remain with Atoms ... because the "Mandate" or "Intention" ... or Fohatic (from Fohat) Energy stored within so establish.

   When Lord Jesus produce Fishes and Bread ... the same "Intention" ... expressed by a Pure Mind ... "The Mind of Christ" ... so declare and so was.

   We can read on ... "Saint Germain on Alchemy" ...

22 Each student should recognize that geometric figures such as the square, the triangle, the circle, the ellipse, and the parallelogram are employed almost universally in creating within the macrocosmic as well as the microcosmic three-dimensional world. 23 Although higher forms of creativity are found in the mathematical world of algebra, calculus, and trigonometry, the highest symbology of all known to us at inner spiritual levels is the science of engrammic rhythms.

24 This study deals with the control and release of energy, with engrams (which term we use to refer to the causative key behind the effects observed by worldly scientists and called by them engrams), 25 with the use of mantras, 26 with the storing of fohatic energy, 27 and with safeguards activating principles of demarcation between the evolutions of the human consciousness in the planes of Matter and the world of perfect divine order that exists in the planes of Spirit.

   Therefore Matter (at Atomic Levels like a Computer or a coded DNA ... knows what to do ... someone told it ... or program it ... to be Bread, to be Wash-machine, to be Armani Cloth ... or a Book).

    The same is expressed by the Bhagavad-Gita ... when we can read ...

I am the gambling of the practicers of fraud;
I am the radiance of the radiant;
I am victory and the striving power;
I am the quality of sattva among the good.
 -- Bhagavad-Gita 10:36.

AS GOD PASSES THROUGH HIS consciousness His film of cosmic delusion, shadowed with the triple qualities—tamas, rajas, and sattva—evil, activating, and good pictures are produced from His one Being. He cannot, therefore, wholly disassociate Himself even from the evil or dark concepts of the drama. Indeed, it is His cosmic maya, the ultimate deceiver, that deranges reason in those who court the dark tamasic quality. They ignorantly gamble their happiness and well-being on chances of quick and easy self-gratification.

The Divine Trickster, however, also teaches His acolytes how to turn the tables on His cosmic delusion—by nonattachment, right activity, practice of yoga, and ecstatic union with Him, the Undeluded Reality. Thus, through God's activating quality, rajas, radiant pictures of life are produced, depicting vitally energetic beings valiantly and nobly struggling and winning victories.

At last, in the conqueror, God displays Himself as Sattva—Goodness and Purity

In the devotee, the triple nature of God's cosmic delusion similarly enacts its drama. In the beginning, with no evident certainty of gain— except the conviction of faith and devotion—the seeker boldly gambles his efforts against the deceptive obstacles of delusion.

With the fiery energy and self-control of rajas, he practices penance, renunciation, strict discipline, and subjugation of restless thoughts by meditation on God.

In time, he is gratifyingly astonished at occasional glimpses of God playing hide-and-seek with him. When the yogi can hold the full realization of God in his concentration for even a little while, his mind and body become thrilled with a radiating energy that may even cause the hairs of his body to stand on end.

With persistence and unabated zeal, and with the activating inner Divine Grace, the yogi's body consciousness, breath, and mind dissolve into one perception of divine love, the partial union of his soul with God.

The inner Divine Radiance imbues his whole body, mind, and soul with unexcelled bliss; even the gross body becomes subtly aglow with a divine astral halo; the still eyes glisten with unseen tears of blessedness. He worships the Cosmic Beloved Spirit with the all-embracing adoration of his soul, until his soul becomes the blessedness of Spirit. In the ultimate samadhi state, the yogi's consciousness, without losing its Self-awareness, expands into the omnipresent consciousness of God. The devotee realizes that throughout all of these states God was the ever present Reality within the delusive forces, the valiant efforts to conquer them, and the temporary and ultimate victories—the Supreme Good, the Ultimate Radiance within all delusive dream enactments.


If the Bhagavad Gita tell you nothing ... if you consider Alchemy a fallacy ... Well ... You are a disbeliever and a candidate to remain cycling in Time and Space for very long ... on this Planet ... or in another.

There are three Directions for the Soul according to their Life:

  1. You can become a Demon (or a candidate to a Place like Hell ... a Hell-like Planet).
  2. You can Ascend and become "A Holy Angel of the Lord ... and a Lord of a Planet ... Still "The Lord of the Planet" ... there are innumerable of these (no matter you are Male or Female) ... or simply.
  3. You remain cycling ... discuting ... disgusting others ... insulting others ... until you ... according to your Karma born with serious diseases ... 

  Let me tell you something very sacred ... "There are Planets that are like Hell ... They have almost no people ... count one dozen ... not two. Well ... The Lords of these people granted permission to incarnate here and ... destroy ... still entire Countries and size to zero such Country ... Then people become like Wild ... or demon-like. Well these "new type of low Humans" have all the requisite to born after death in some Hell-like Countries and remain there for Thousand of years (populate that Hell-like Planet) ... until some Light-one give a chance to them ... to born again here and ... a New Test is ruled ... and they can ... return back ... their Home".


More About Murphy's Laws.

Some Statement of Murphy Laws to consider variable ... what in Equations are declared constants ... are Truth. The Speed of Light is one of these variables.

NASA (The Space Agency) have also a Paper ... adverting about Murphy's Laws ... is evident they have Fear ... Doubts ... which are inconsistencies in the Mind that can provoke ... disasters ... Before ... At Launch ... or in Air ...

We can read from the "Pleiadian Agenda" ... "The Galaxy  will disintegrate into Empty Space without the nuclear Gravity in the Center, which then Shoots out pulses of Light".

... Yes ... everything can happens ... but do not happens ...

Heaven have no Doubts ... Some of we ... have.


I will talk a little about ... Archeia Faith (Female Archangel) ... which is ... in anything. To read words from Faith you can read ... "The Vials of the Seven Archangels" ... all 14 Archangels talk ... From Michael to Faith ... To Gabriel, Hope ... today Mars-day is the day of Chamuel and Charity (Charity is another Female Archangel) ...

It is the Faith ... that keep things together ... is like we can read on Hebrew 11.

1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 2 For by it the elders obtained a good report.

3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

4 By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet speaketh. 5 By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God. 6 But without faith it is impossible to please him ...

  -- Hebrew 11:1-6.

Now ... Neither what is the "WORD" ... most know. The Word is a Mandate ... an Order ... "Let's Be Light" ... "And was Light".

To conclude I can offer two statements ... I will take this ... with your permission ... One comes from Moses and one comes from Jacob (The Grandson of Abraham, father of the Twelve Tribes ...) and Abraham too.

1. Jacob said ... that a New Twelve ... Sons will born ... but in South America (not tomorrow ... but I consider in the next 100 years ...) ... like a New Israel but in South America.

2. Abraham explained that ... The World will be more Islamic ... than we suppose ... (Abraham was the father of Ishmael, the origin of the Bloodline of Mohammad=Lord Jesus).

3. Moses ... talk about a New Set of ... "New 10 Commandments" ... Opps ... I, Giovanni=John ... Well ... The World do not either learn the first ten ... and the Lord want to offer a New Set. Moses explained that was Archangel Gabriel to give the first set of 10 Commandments ... Relax ... You will know what they are ...


May you be Blessed ...

And so it is.
Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Our Statements related to Abraham, Jacob and Moses belong to a chanelling Audio ... channeled on October 05 2013 ... in Egypt. Thanks.
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