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Greetings in the Orange day of Venus ...

   And what about if ... Live is not Live, but Evil ... or Evil is not Evil but Live ... and between Assertions and Doubts ... You press White and Black keys? ... How will be the Music? ... 

The Music is the Universal Music ... which is composed by Darkness and Light ... Only the Lord is Absolute Light ... and the divide and become the Tao ... then divide and become the Three Pure Ones ... then divide and become the 144.000 Ones.

Few are those who read my Book ...

 (I say ... few read my book ... because otherwise I will be in Cancun very frequently ... if many read may be on the GoogleBooks ... otherwise someone is in Cancun ... and I AM unaware about ...)

Well ... releasing the necessary Irony ... let us proceed ...

Archangel Michael explains ...

There is no Devil as such.
Each man is his own devil, the baser self,
the mindless primitive of each man.
Devil‐lived; evil‐live.
Evil backwards is live; devil backwards is lived.
To serve the 'White' forces is to live;
to serve the 'Black' is to devil‐to die.
  -- Archangel Michael.

Therefore this Backward reading ... give us ... "A NEW Meaning".

Some Numbers ... All Master numbers have the same meaning in any sense you read:

11 22 33 44 55 ... (do not ask too much ...)

Actually we are working with 22 ... which is related to Couples ... Partners ...

Also there are Properties like ...

17 and 71 are primes

13 and 31 are primes

37 and 73 are primes.

In the case of Words ... and I will talk in Italian as well in Spanish ...

We have, 


(backward is ...)           I MA I                                         

I repeat for you ...  the passage of ... "One day in the North Gate ..."

Hence I AM the MA I and the MA I, the first and the last incarnation of the Mother in the heaven and in the earth. I AM the nexus of Life flowing, knowing who I AM within you.

When you see the pronoun THAT whether in English or in Sanskrit as TAT, it marks the point of transition through which the Greater Self of Brahman enters the lesser self of the soul manifestation and there stakes its claim as the supreme reality of its beginning and its ending.

TAT (THAT) is the passageway of the Trinity which enters and conquers the Matter flame by the two T's crosses, where God in man is crucified for the redemption of all life.

The A in the center is the Alpha son, the Buddha flanked by the two T's, his bodhisattvas East and West. The English version THAT injects the H sacred fire breath of Holy Ghost, present in the Alpha seed and son.

Even when he gave up the Ghost with the parting prayer "It is finished!" the two malefactors upon their two T's heard as the sacred Word—MA I AM.

The MA I is the call to Mother
For her I-dentity and her sacred EYE.
By these two I's, the Saviouress saves her own
And calls sinners to come Home to AUM,
The sacred name of MU,
The Mother of Light who
Nourishes the flame of Alpha within YOU—
As you will soon see through
The Matter page when you write
The AUM and read it MUA.
The MA in U (you universally),
  the Alpha son (sun).

Now ... Why we will Talk about ... "L" and "M" ...

If we move to the Mayan Calendar ... and Its Trecenas (Thirteen Heavens) ...

The Hebrew Menorah ... Seven Armed candelabra is a Well-know symbol of God's creation completed in Seven days and Six Nights.


Now ... 12 is the Normal Cycle ... 12 Months, 12x5=60 minutes, 12x2=24 hours ...

Now ... How are related 12 and 13? ... The "L" and the "M"? ...

The relation between ... 12 and 13 ... is Twelve are Lower (Apostle) ... 1 is the Master, 13 persons.

L... Lower ... Looser ... Lost ... Lie ... LORD.

M ... Mystery ... MAN ... Master ... Jesus.


The Words ... ZEUS and JESUS are perfect equivalent ... and they are NOT PROPER NAMES ... but TITLES.

ANGEL is a Title to ... and represent ANGLE of Consciousness.

ANY name of Angel ... ends in "L" ...

  • URI-EL

Now ... Michael ... begins with "M" and ends with "L" ... is like a Master ... that Master is NOT ... but prefer to be ... a High ANGEL.

Michael and Faith ... create a Wonderful Being ... called Angel ... MICAH. (MICHAEL+FAITH=MICAH).


The concept is ... Your name encapsulate a meaning ... related to your days and your end.

If you look the Cosmic Clock ...

West is ... the reflection of the East ... and the Mother is the Compliment of the Father.

The Word ELOHIM ... begins with EL ... end is M (Mastery) ... while it begins with Elementary ... They become Master.

... The message is ... discover the secret meaning of your name ...

Johan Sebastian Bach ... uses a different alphabet ...

... Thanks!

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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