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Wednesday, 23 July 2008 05:55

Good Morning,

Time ago, I realize a method I will implement ... on a computer program called: FTLearnIt.

I also subscribe this program on Qt Centre ... to compete with others: http://www.qtcentre.org/component/participant/


I classify the information to learn in seven different topics:


  1. Art (like an Art opera, or to Sign a song, or to pray). This is the first type, and I assign it, the letter "A". for Art.
  2. PoetRy, (This type is for songs, Movies, the letters of the song, that is another teaching different to signing, like a Prayer, like a Poetry, the words inside the Prayer). I assign the letter "R".
  3. Book (if you can read a book and remember any word, in the respective chapter, probably you will not need this program. But, if you need to back and back to the book. Then, you need it. How a program can explian a book? Easy. We can generate questions and their relative answers.
  4. Table (A valid example here are for example the flags of the world, This is a 2D Table. We can have multi-dimensional tables, like the colors of each day, assigned to their name, and their chakras, etc).
  5. Science (This regards books about Mathematics or a Graph, but not a Map or a BluePrint, because they are more complicated)
  6. Map (Suppose you arein San Francisco and want to know the train stops or the goverment office, or the Libraries, or the food stores, or the streets). This is type 6, and I assign the letter "M"
  7. Grammar (Languages have grammar. English, Chinese, Portugese, Italian, Spanish ... German, French, each one have grammar). This is type 7, assigned to the letter "G".

Please see the diagram:




The program FTLearnIt (will be for free) and will includes some knowledge motors, that generate questions and answers. We plan to include one free example for each learning path.

At the moment we plan to include:

  1. A Test about the Da Vinci artwork:
  2. A Test about the Shakespearean Play: "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
  3. We plan to include a test about the Novel "The Da Vinci Code" (not the novel).
  4. We plan to include a test about the World countries and their capitals and flags.
  5. We will include a test about the Math book may be "The Elements of Euclides".
  6. We will include a test for a San Francisco Map, with some tools and directions.
  7. We will include a test on some elements of English Grammar.

Unfortunately we are in big delay. The inscriptions at Qt Centre are closed. However, we are more interested in release the product and help than any other things.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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