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Thursday, 06 October 2011 23:00

Greetings in the day of Resurrection ...

    ... and sound odd ... the word Resurrection this very day.

    Before I begin ... let me say ... I purchase not a iPod, nor iPhone ... neither iPad.

    I, Giovanni purchase an Apple IIc in December 1985 ...

    For me Steve Jobs was a special person and I appreciate him very much. I follow him from the beginning because I grow with the computers evolution.

    I consider him like an Older Brother.

    Because Computer was a fundamental part of my life, for long ... I want to comment my Operating System ... FTOSX ... to challenge MacOSX.


      Steve is right when he say that 'You need to love what you do' ... Wherever is ...

      I attend Mac World 2008 ... and after him presentation ... for the MacBook Air ... where I attend over 5 hours in a line ... after the presentation I see him in the distance, about a couple of meters ... he looked very tiny.

      I try to purchase a NeXT and that PC and OS remains my inspiration this today. Now, my inspiration is the iMac ... I understand why he does not choose Linux ... but I have a different approach and love for others ... and I prefer to adopt Linux, because for me anyone must have Power.

     I want not to be longer.

     I want to say ... Thanks Steve!

     The difference between a successful person and a not successful person is ... 'The Secret' ... Be Hermetic.  

... And



Thanks Steve ... You great!

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I buy three transparent iMac ... just to congratulate with him and with Apple because him return ... but actually all these iMac are gone ... but New iMac are long better. Stay tuned.

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