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This image has been designed by Mr. Jacque Fresco in his 'The Venus Project'.

(Something is design or/and built and something else is let it endure!)


Greetings in the Thor-day,

     It is my pleasure to move you ... and explain the differences and the why ... the troubles in the Society.

     And the reason of our actual drama is the 'Delaying of God acceptance'.

     This small part comes from the book ...

      These are good words that calm ... because is a return to the Garden where we live.

       I, Giovanni want to begin telling you that ...

The leaders of the ideal society are priest-king-scientists; for there is no separation between government, science and religion, which are seen as a manifestation of the tripartite flame of power, wisdom and love. Positions of authority in the temples and in governmental, educational and scientific institutions are awarded to those initiates who have passed certain degrees of self-mastery and who are thereby qualified to rule and make decisions on behalf of those still going through the tests and initiations that all must eventually pass in order to win their immortality.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. If the reader wants to read the entire chapter from 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' ... he can. Read it ... Nature Yields to the Childlike Mind


A Heap of Confusion

Lo, this only have I found, that God hath
made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions.

Order: The First Law of Being

From the Center of Being God geometrized, and the geometry of your Divinity was born. What noble symmetry excelled in all the earth and in all the heavens! The design foursquare in the earth, the spherical reality in the heavens, the starry wonder of cellular life— what could be more exalting, more beautiful, more free! Supreme order is the wonder of worlds aborning within and without— mathematical precision that liberates the soul to soar and sing, that makes the heart a winged thing. Ah, sweet order of the universe and man, reveal through love the holy plan!


Alas, the world into which we have descended full of hope is but a heap of confusion. Contrary to the Creator's intent and the bent of every soul, earth is not a golden ball of joy, abundance and brotherly love. Everywhere we look, error is piled upon error; and our future, rising from an insecure foundation, is unknown. The plumb line of Truth by which the Great Geometer calculates the measure of a man must also be applied to nations and to planets at the hour of judgment. And they must not be found wanting.1


Although man is ready to discard traditional authorities as unsafe and unsound, he does not always know how to replace them with a Golden Rule standard and the knowledge of higher law that reveals the relativity of past and present and future as points of reference for the evolution of the soul within a given environment.

It is more comfortable to live in a familiar world than in an unfamiliar one, to follow the well-traveled highways than to explore the byways of life. Yet human nature often desires change for the sake of change itself. And the excitement of the new often makes the old seem dull and uninteresting. The challenge of the unexplored captivates men and nations to embark upon a course of action that may lead not to a reign of glory but to ruination.

Some desire change in government and society for selfish reasons, to reenact the age-old dramas of personal and national glory, wealth and the control of power blocs; others desire change as a means ol liberating peoples from strange oppressions; and for the same reasons many will rally to preserve the status quo. Some feel that the process of change must come about gradually by evolution; others advocate revolution and the violent overthrow of existing institutions.

Now we survey a world that man—not God—has made, and we are not altogether pleased with what we see. The grasping greed of war, the hypocrisy and injustice of the times, the impersonal, mechanical treatment of the cells in the body politic, the blare of an unreal existence—all of these are anathema to our souls.

We rise up in righteous indignation to do battle against the foe, only to find that the iron walls that bastion the false values of an established order—which at times is not an order but a chaos—will not be moved. Our efforts frustrated, we sink back into our routine, waiting for the moment of our destiny, which we know will surely come because the flame of hope that never dies whispers in the heart, "Be willing just to listen and to labor and to wait."

Rebirth and revolution—flames that leap into the air—are kindling minds and hearts here and there. Men are looking for renewal, and in the process they are wont to kick over the traces of their karmic violations. "There is a renaissance coming all right, and there is a revolution coming," commented Saint Germain, the master strategist of freedom, "but these need not have as their objective the destruction of the sovereign governments of the free powers of the world. Let change take place first within the heart and soul of man, creating there that determination that will enable him to overcome all negative hereditary and environmental influences; then, having mastered himself, let him introduce a kingdom of spiritual values where life and light and love under brotherhood will at last bring in a Golden Age of understanding and peace because man wills it so."2

Between the dark of the synthetic image into which man fell and the daylight of the Founding Image in which he was created, there is a discrepancy of color, light, sound and symmetry. And out of the chaos of this contrast has arisen a monolith of human vanity, a veritable heap of confusion that man has inflicted upon his environment and which his environment has in turn inflicted upon him. The discrepancy between the Real and the synthetic image is nowhere more apparent than in a world groaning in travail to give birth to a Golden Age and in the agony of the soul longing to be born into its native purity.

Man's authority to govern himself, to organize his life and to be a co-creator with God is derived from the spiritual edict "Take dominion over the earth!"3 Man's failure to understand the meaning of free will, of taking the reins of authority and ruling majestically in the footstool kingdom,4 has brought down upon his head the heap of confusion that always results from the misapplication of cosmic principle.

Having heard and seen the testimony of the natural order, having moved upon the foaming waters and danced atop the tallest, loneliest pines, the soul is convinced that the beauty and the abundance of life, so variegated yet so perfect, are not based upon confusion or a random interplay of energy systems, but upon a supremely ordered ritual of creation from the center to the periphery of an atom or a cosmos. The wondrous unfoldment of the embryo within the womb and the perfection of the physical body of man—of the parts in relation to the whole—remind us that the Supreme Intelligence that created man and placed him in the womb of Matter planned all things wisely and well.

But everywhere this man whom God hath made—and whom man hath remade—is confronted with confusion and complexity, spewing from minds unwise and unwell. His psyche and his society are both so vast and so involved as to be almost ungovernable. The freedom that his soul knows must exist—else man has no reason for living—"is an airy creature of the heart," the Master says, "ever rising, ever moving forward; but if the outer man will not keep pace with the advancements of his own soul, he may find himself 'tail ending it' and falling to rise no more. The soul will go on. She is a flaming radiance from the heart of God. She has beckoned and called; she has patiently sought to glorify in man the Divine Nature and that loving-kindness in all man's doings that is promoted by the spirit of holiness and righteousness."5

Although his mind reels at the problems confronting his nation, his world, his family and himself, man feels the inner mandate to reorder his life, to reconstruct his world after the spirals of perfection. And he knows that his time is running out.

Truly it has been said, "Without vision, the people perish."6 Truly it is the vision of the immaculate concept—the pure idea held in the mind of God for every man and every woman fashioned in his likeness—that must be retained. Men die to the Spirit when they let go of the thread of contact that tethers the mind to this vision— to this sphere of Reality, this brilliant ball of purpose, this intricacy of exquisite design—that contains the master blueprint of identity.

In this chapter we shall trace the long-forgotten history of man in the ideal society, his subsequent departure from the state of holy innocence, and the transfer of his mental and emotional impurity to his environment. We shall see that man himself is the crucible for alchemical transformation—for good or for ill—and that whatsoe'er he decrees for his microcosm will sooner or later appear upon the horizon of the Macrocosm. First the violation of man's being was plotted and executed; then came the violation of his world. But none of this could have taken place without his consent to a standard and a practice that were far below the golden mean of perfection.

Once the wall of Light was broken, there was nothing to hold back the hordes of Darkness. The invasion of the citadel of man's consciousness and his civilization was swift and sudden. The coming of the Luciferians and the laggards is the price man paid for partaking of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. The warping of his vision, his subjection to psychic domination, the preponderance of his own error became a weight upon his soul, a burden so great as to make him cry out, "How long, O Lord, ere freedom be trumpeted over the whole world? How long, O Lord, before the victory of the Light?"

To all who have longed for freedom Saint Germain replies: "You must remember that never in recent history has the world enlisted the aid of the total body of humanity in the defense of freedom. The relatively few have consistently held for the many the balance of spiritual power by which marvelous accomplishments have been made upon earth and by which the quality of man's life has been correspondingly enhanced."7

Now we see that the return of the many to a Golden Age of enlightenment and peace is the only alternative to the tightening strategies of control that, unless challenged and exposed by all of the people, threaten to enslave the evolutions of earth in a Luciferian superstate. In this chapter we open the curtain on the colossal fraud that has been perpetrated against mankind and carefully concealed through the long night of human bondage; and in the remaining chapters we present the teachings of the Ascended Masters that, if correctly applied by the many, will give to the individual and society the victory over the enemy that is both within and without.

"The key to the redemption of the social system," observes Lord Lanto, instructor in God-government at the Royal Teton Retreat, "lies in the victory of divine law in the being of individual man. What the individual man becomes, the collective world is. Through a wholehearted entering into the kingdom of God and his righteousness and through participation in those spiritual exercises that strip man of the false and clothe him with the Real, the individual and his world can and must become the fullness of all that God intended from the beginning."8

The Ideal Society

Just as man has a Divine Image, so the society in which he evolves also has a Divine Image, based on the architectural design of the New Jerusalem recorded by John in the Book of Revelation.9 The ideal society exists as "Thy kingdom come" when every member of the group identifies with his Real Self and strives to outpicture the blueprint that God has ordained as the master plan for individual creative expression within a given community of souls destined to evolve as a hierarchical unit.

The outer memory of past Golden Ages has long faded in the race consciousness, but the desire of the people for social progress and good government points to the inner memory of souls who know that there is a better way because they have experienced that way firsthand. The records of Golden Age civilizations have been buried not only with the continents that sank beneath the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and with the remains of other civilizations that have been destroyed through cataclysm, but also in the subconscious recesses of all evolving on this planet; in addition, these records have been impressed upon the ethers, upon that substance and dimension known as akasha, where they can be read and studied by the clairvoyant.

Although man has been evolving upon the planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years—as will be scientifically proved in the not too distant future by archaeologists, geologists and oceanic explorers working hand in hand with those whose senses can probe akasha—his current knowledge of history goes back five to ten thousand years at the most. Therefore, except for those extraordinary men of vision such as Plato, who wrote the Republic, Sir Thomas More, who wrote the Utopia, and Francis Bacon, who wrote the Novum Organum, the bulk of the people perpetuate the erroneous concept that the perfect society is only a dream, an ever-receding goal that man may approach but never attain.

The commandment of Jesus "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect"10 applies to nations as well as to individuals; and it is possible of attainment because perfection is the natural estate of man toward which the soul ever gravitates, and because it has been attained before. Just how individuals and nations can meet this standard will unfold throughout this work.

Now let us examine the Golden Age civilizations that rose on Lemuria and Atlantis.11 These were composed of lifewaves who came forth as Spirit-sparks from the Great Central Sun and whose souls descended into form for the purpose of gaining self-mastery in time and space, where they were destined to manifest in denser spheres the immaculate concept of the Real Image locked within their beings by the Almighty Logoi. During three Golden Ages, these lifewaves lived in purity and in that childlike innocence of which Jesus spoke so often to his disciples as necessary to their "entering in"12—innocence of harm and selfish motivation, innocence of duality and carnal desire, innocence of the synthetic consciousness and its energy veil.

Although some may find it hard to believe, the total absence of the element of evil within these Golden Ages did not lessen the variety and spice of life! On the contrary, the activities and creative opportunities of these evolutions were heightened by the infinite variegation and shadings of Truth and the unlimited potential for scientific discovery and artistic expression inherent within the Real Image, to which all had direct access. The challenge of initiation in the cosmic order of Hierarchy kept millions happily spiraling up the ladder of greater and greater self-mastery, each step unfolding new worlds to conquer.

When God made man and the universe, he did not include evil as essential to the plan, as a necessary backdrop for Good, or the night as contrast for the day. "And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the Light thereof."15

Under the tutelage of Cosmic Beings and the Manus of their races, these civilizations reflected the highest cultural and scientific standards upheld in the City Foursquare. The joy that quickens with individual self-mastery, the freedom that comes with dominion over the elements as the result of the disciplines of the laws of God—these qualities were recognized by all as essential ingredients of their universal destiny.

Brave souls in a brave new world saw their beginning and their end, their origin and their ultimate, to be the manifestation of the Universal Christ. Thus they strove to magnify the Light of the eternal Christos each day throughout the cycles of their sojourn in the dimensions of Matter; they understood the meaning of the "testing of the mettle," and they were willing to prove their proficiency in precipitation of the arts and sciences, of the handiworks of God. They knew that thereby they would earn the right to expand their dominion in the domain of Spirit, ultimately attaining their immortal freedom and proceeding on to higher worlds in the endless opportunities of the Father's many mansions.14

These citizens of earth never lost sight of the vision of their Reality. They saw the Christ in one another and loved all with whom they shared the goal of becoming more of God. They loved a man for his intrinsic worth and the unique design of his lifestream even before the God-idea matured.

These three Golden Ages existed before the Fall of Adam and Eve, which is presented allegorically in the Book of Genesis. Prior to his descent into the consciousness of duality and into the sense of sin and separation from his Source, man's attention and hence his energies were God-centered: his life was God's life, and by the intelligent use of free will, he dedicated God's energies to the lowering of the patterns made in the heavens into the patterns made in the earth.15 The covenants between God and man had not been broken; therefore, as man surrendered his all to God, God surrendered his all to him. Truly, this was the perfect balance between the Macrocosm and the microcosm: as Above, so below.

The family, embodying the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is the basic unit of the divine society. The Atlantean origin of the word family is father-mother flames in loving union. In the early Golden Ages the father held the focus of the Spirit of God, of his authority and Fatherhood over all. The mother as the home-maker held the focus of the Holy Spirit and its descent into Matter, kindling the heavenly energies of AUM. Eve, the mother of all living, was designed to be the perfect expression of the Motherhood of God. Through the loving union of father-mother flames, the body temples of descending souls were formed, and the Christ flame was nourished in the sons and daughters of God. This trinity of faith (Father), hope (Son), and charity (Holy Spirit) that begins at home is the foundation for all that is built in the ideal society and in every Golden Age, where life is a joyous unfoldment of the God flame within the heart of each Spirit-spark, each flame a spiral rising and undulating to blend with the sweet mysteries of life.

Government and education in the ideal society are instruments for the development of the individual potential of man in harmony with all members of the community. All institutions, public and private, stress the unity of life through its triune aspects of faith, hope and charity, embraced as the power, wisdom and love of God. Here the Trinity in action and a striving for excellency in all things are the motivating forces.

"Learn to love to do well, and you shall!" was the advice given by Casimir Poseidon, ruler of an ancient civilization that flourished at the site of the Amazon Basin. Adherence to this principle kept each soul striving to excel beyond the attainment of yesterday; every form of activity from athletics to mutual service was seen as recreation, the re-creation of the qualities of the Holy Spirit in man and nature.

Competition between peoples was never a factor of motivation; the only competition that man knew was that competition that he practiced with himself in order that he might transcend his former attainment through the invocation of more light and through greater mastery of the energies and talents entrusted to his care. If man could realize today a more perfect union with life than he did yesterday, his reward was with him and his cup was full.

Contrary to the lie that man is a sinner and gravitates to the baser elements of his nature, man is inherently Good; he polarizes to Good and to the highest representatives of God-Good. Therefore, the relationship of the individual to the Whole—of the part of Good to the All of Good—is kept in proper perspective in the ideal society as the spokes are to the wheel of life. The relationship of the individual parts to one another is likewise honored, even as the Whole acknowledges the autonomy of the parts within a given frame of reference. Thus the Golden Rule is the keynote of social relations in the ideal society. Contact with the Center of God's Being gives all men a reason for being, a path to follow, a spiral of direction leading to the very Hub of Life. Thus a sense of expectancy prevails, and man responds to his ability, God-ordained, to become all that he really is.

From the foundation of the Pyramid of Life rises the balance of the Christ consciousness as the ideal that all are to attain no matter what their calling from God. Although all are created with equal opportunity, all do not remain equal in the ideal society. For as each one multiplies his God-given talents, he ascends the scale of Hierarchy; as each one proves himself faithful over a few things, he earns the right to rule over those of lesser attainment and to educate those who are following in his footsteps.

The leaders of the ideal society are priest-king-scientists; for there is no separation between government, science and religion, which are seen as a manifestation of the tripartite flame of power, wisdom and love. Positions of authority in the temples and in governmental, educational and scientific institutions are awarded to those initiates who have passed certain degrees of self-mastery and who are thereby qualified to rule and make decisions on behalf of those still going through the tests and initiations that all must eventually pass in order to win their immortality.

The laws of the ideal society are based on that cosmic law that the Creator put in the "inward parts" of man, carefully wrote in his heart,16 and then sent his angels to record in the archives of universal Truth. These have been guarded to the present hour in the retreats of the brotherhood of Ascended Masters who have already passed through this or other planetary schoolrooms.

The most advanced initiate within a Golden Age civilization who masters these three branches of cosmic law becomes the ruling authority for the planet under the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings who have charge of the planet at inner levels. He is the pillar who stands at the nexus of the figure eight because he has mastered his own world and taken dominion over the earth; for him the microcosm is the planetary body and the Macrocosm is the entire cosmos. (Thus we see that whatever portion of God's energy man masters becomes his microcosm, and he becomes centered as the God Presence of that world.) His consciousness is the Super Ego, the Christ personified on behalf of billions of lifcstreams who have not yet evolved to the point of complete manifest action of their own Christ-potential. Through his consciousness flow the energies from the heart of the Sun; and he holds the balance of power, wisdom and love for all evolving on the planet as they outpicture the cosmic blueprint of the City Foursquare.

Holding this office, he is responsible for teaching the people likewise to attune with the flow of energy from the one great Source of Life. Being a master of cycles and of the very rhythm of the universe, he teaches them how to govern the ebb and flow of energy within their individual forcefields, gradually to transfer this mastery over the individual microcosm to mastery over the planetary microcosm, and finally to identify with the Macrocosm through the interchange of energies—as Above, so below. The total identification of the ruler with his Real Self is the basis of his mastery, won over long periods of study and application of the laws of the universe. To him the people give obeisance as the highest living expression of the Deity; for to them he is the will, wisdom and love of God incarnate.

Those who acknowledge the authority of God over man thus have the right to rule as God's overmen in the ideal society; and this is the twofold meaning of the word government. Thus, as the Christ is the head of every man17 and the chief cornerstone18 in the temple of Being, so is he the head of the ideal society. And whoso embodies the greatest measure of the Christ consciousness is most qualified to rule. Therefore, the manifestation of the Universal Christ is recognized as the highest goal of all members of the society. Without common adherence to that goal, a Golden Age civilization cannot endure. Because the people of earth do nor presently share this goal, the ideal society does not exist upon the earth today.

In Golden Age societies, souls newly come into the world of form go through a very exacting program of discipline and education. In early years they are taught the rudimentary science of the psyche, how to develop their senses to contact physical and metaphysical dimensions of Reality, and how to expand the faculties of the soul to probe cosmos through nature. They are taught communion with all life through the focusing of their attention within the heart and establishing an are to the heart of all things living, to the hearts of plants and trees and flowers, the very elements and the fiery core of the atom. The mastery of levitation, precipitation and the science of alchemy are also part of the curriculum in the early years of soul development. Higher education is based on a series of initiations leading to cosmic mastery whereby individuals then qualify for positions in government, science, education and temple service.

The flaming sword is the symbol of divine wisdom that stands before the institutions of learning to keep the way of the sacred energies of the Tree of Life in all who enter there. The sword symbolizes the dividing of the way between the Real and the unreal. In the ideal society the concept of unreality is taught in allegory, since the evolving souls have no direct experience with the synthetic image that is produced when man lowers his gaze from perfection to imperfection. Thus a study of cosmic history is required, and the akashic records of other systems of worlds are carefully reviewed. The initial causes and the far-reaching consequences of individual and collective failure to uphold the standard of unity on other planets afforded ample proof to those evolving in the first three Golden Ages as to why they should use their free will to invoke the will of God and his kingdom come upon earth.

The powers wielded by those lifestreams who were the first to walk upon the virgin soil of Terra, who never knew the feeling of limitation or struggle or even the burden of a dense, physical form such as we now wear, would be considered miraculous by those whose memory scans only the relatively short period in which the planet has been immersed in a synthetic civilization and consciousness. Souls sustained life in one body for as long as a thousand years; and when they reembodied, they retained the memory and faculries of former lives, including the mastery they had attained.

The entire planet was a veritable Garden of Eden, and man ate every fruit and herb that was charged by nature's helpers with the essence of the immortal Spirit to energize and revivify his mind and form. The ground was transparent like crystal, and the rays from the sun in the center of the earth glowed softly beneath man's feet. During the period of rest when the souls of men, together with their lower vehicles, were recharged for another round of service, there was an ever-present radiance from the white-fire core like an aurora borealis. Thus total darkness was unknown, and evil as the energy veil was no more real than a fairy tale. To the Almighty man gave the glory for each accomplishment. The Sun that ruled the day was the focus of his adoration, symbol of the unfoldment of the only begotten Son of God, whose promise would be fulfilled in each one. The stars defined intervals of time and space and were the giant reflectors of man's blissful adoration of the One Supreme Being. Crystal coordinates marking his courses past, present and future, they magnified his mystical feelings of heavenly joy that rippled across the antahkarana of cosmos.

More than fifty thousand years ago, Saint Germain ruled an ancient civilization that reached great heights where the Sahara Desert now is. Here, while men acknowledged their God Source, true cosmic freedom was known by every individual—a freedom that has not even been dreamed of by men and women of this century, who champion rights and causes and movements but know not the freedom of the soul. In the latter days, men began to forget the Source from whence their energies came; and they forgot to acknowledge their talents as originating in Him who is ever the author and finisher of every perfect work realized by and through man. This civilization fell when, after repeated warnings from the Ascended Masters who had guided its destiny, the people continued in their separatist ways.

Inevitably, when man attributes his victories and his accomplishments to the plane of the ego instead of to the plane of the Superconscious Ego, he eclipses the light of the Cosmic Sun within his being; and his power, his wisdom and his love are correspondingly diminished. Thus the curtain closed on another era of Light and the abundant life. The Hierarchs withdrew, and the people went down into the consciousness of duality that always brings toil and suffering as the scourge of individual and group karma that is intended to spur a renewed search for the pristine state.

The moral of the story of "paradise lost" and of every civilization fallen into ruin is that man must consider God as the origin of all things'—then he will never confuse the fountain with the stream. As Jesus said, "My Father worketh hitherto, and I work."19 Thus he taught the true relationship that must be maintained between God and man in the ideal society. When this relationship breaks down, the ideal society cannot long endure.

Never tiring in his service to humanity. Saint Germain remains dedicated to the reawakening in the souls of men of the lost art of freedom and of their ancient heritage as kings and priests unto God. In his dissertations on alchemy,20 he points out that man must defend his freedom to create because man by divine right is a co-creator with God. He indicts the false sense of the synthetic consciousness, of a "far-off and future Good," as the villain in the piece; and he affirms that Real Life is abundant here, now and forever, wherever you are. It needs only to be tapped. This correct sense of the ever-present availability of Good is the key to the Golden Age that lieth even at the very door.

"Truly, 'eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him'"21 says he, quoting Saint Paul. "What a pity that more cannot shed this false sense of a far-off and future Good! The secrets of life are to be found here below, as Above. The changing of base metals into gold would produce only earthly beauty and earthly wealth. But the changing of the base nature of man into the refined gold of the Spirit enables him not only to master the world of the Spirit but also to take dominion over the material world.

"If all power in heaven and earth is given unto me,22 then I can give it to whomsoever I will. Yet would I will to give it to those who would abuse and misuse it to the hurt and harm of their brothers? Why was the flaming sword placed at the east of Eden?21 Why was the continuity of existence interrupted by death? Why did illness, warfare and brutality flash forth and take hold in human consciousness? Why was anger sustained? Was it not because people have been afraid of loss—loss of self-respect, loss of individuality, loss of relativity? Actually, what have they to lose? Nothing but their fears, nothing but their negatives. For that which is tethered to Reality can never be lost.

"Let men learn to empty themselves completely of their attachments to the earth; so shall they begin to enter into the childlike mind and spirit of creative innocence. The greatest angels who keep the way of the Tree of Life cannot deny those who have reunited with the wholly innocent mind of God access to Eden. How can they then deny it to the divine Alchemist in man, who in honor reaches forth to take the fruit of the Tree of Life that he may indeed live forever?24

"The meaning of the allegory is quite simple: so long as man lives according to the earth, earthy,' according to the concepts of 'flesh and blood' he cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven;25 he cannot sustain the heavenly consciousness. But when, in childlike innocence, he enters into the divine domain, he finds that all of the universe is his; for now he belongs to all of the universe.

"This sweet surrender to the mighty currents of cosmic law and purity shows him the need to transfer from the higher octaves of light into the lower ramifications of self the power and the glory, the victory and the overcoming, the transmittal and the transmutation. He must shed the glitter and the glamour; he must replace it by light and purity and do all things well. He must seek for the spirit of excellence; he must forget limitations and all things that are behind. He must have faith in that which he cannot yet see and know that Nature herself holds a cornucopia of loveliness and light, waiting to be showered upon him when the magic word is spoken...

"Humanity are bored, they are frustrated, they are ungentle. Through what you would call the 'hoopla' of life, they have taken on the phoniness that the dark powers have created, spread abroad and popularized as worldly sophistication—the antithesis of the childlike consciousness. 'Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted?'26 We reiterate the Master's statement because it reminds us that the essential flavor of living is in the cultivation of the inner sense of beauty and Reality.

"That which the individual son receives from God is never denied to anyone; men only deny it to themselves in their ignorance. We all have a responsibility to encourage the Light to expand in all people, but each one must open the door for himself. Each one must enter into the realization that the Divine Redeemer is the Divine Creator and that since man's descent into the lower octaves of human consciousness, the Lord of Light has continued to emanate his radiance everywhere.

"He is available, yer hidden.
He is Real, yer cloaked with unrealities
By the minds of men and their life experiences.
He is Light, sometimes covered over
With the darkness of men's Disqualifications.
He is the Great Supplier
Of every good and perfect thing.
He combines the green shoot and the crystal snow.
He combines the ethereal in the sky that glows With fiery Sun from solar center. His loving heart bids all to enter:
Take upon you, precious child,
Garments of mastery, meek and mild.
Dominion need not bluster,
Yet dominion e'er shall muster
Each required grace
To help the world keep pace
With cosmic legions when facing senile moments. Youth and Light appear when facing time's election. Shed, then, all your fears and glow, Eternal fires of youthful cosmic innocence!'"27
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