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Wednesday, 25 May 2011 08:32


Greetings in the Green-day of Healing and Abundance ...

    ... And that is what we need ... Healing and Abundance. We need to Heal the Planetary Consciousness and Live in Real Abundance.

    Others are not guilty for our mistakes but just ourselves ... the others just want the money and they are right. They need money ... everyone needs money. This is not wrong ... Our established system is wrong. That is what we need to change!

     Let me explain. We, on the planet lives like a Boss-slave society ... like a Cowboy-Cows society ...

     Do you know who are the Cows? ... We are the Cows ... you and me are the Cows. Let me explain.

     Actually and generally (I escape from this situation) ... people have a job ... have a salary ... with the salary pay taxes, with the salary pay energy ... for the car, for the home ... purchase the food ... You know ... This does not work.

     People look for a Job ... People look for a Cowboy because they suppose they are cows and need someone to ride them. I, Giovanni ... am telling you ... You need not ... You don't need others that tell you what to do!

     Generally (and is impossible to escape from this yet) ... You have a Government ... you expect that they locally, nationwide or globally ... do their Job ... but generally ... They don't do their Job.

     Imagine for a little while ... A company like FIAT ... or any other ... they purchase robots to built cars ... and who will built the cars? ... What will do the people? ... People will say ... Damn this machine ... Damn this robot. They still my Job.

     FIAT is right purchasing robots ... What is wrong is that people have not the money to go on Holidays. They don't look inside ... they look outside ... They look for a cowboy that ride them ...

     Imagine that instead that government (not efficient) pay you to stay at home ... you take a vacation ... to visit a City under the Sea!

   Yes ... UNDER THE SEA ... Like on Julius Verne tale.

   Of course we don't need to populate only the sea ... we can also built beautiful Buildings in the cities ...

    What do you prefer? ... Something like that ... (in Caracas) ...

   or something like that ...

   or something like ...

    Do you remember the Hanna Barbera ... Jetson? ...

    I don't know if Jaques Fresco or Hanna Barbera were the first with these ideas ... Who hold the Copyright? ...

    And this is another problem. The Copyright ... A Copyright is a Wall for Understanding ... Hear me ... I am not saying copy everything and release for free. No ... I am saying that you cannot pay for anything and everything ... Otherwise the World will be populate of Bill Gates ... like actually is.

    Of course the World of the Future ... or in a place like Heaven ... there are no people like Bill Gates in the sense of ... pay me for the OS, the Office ... the Internet Navigator and now also for the Phone. No. There are no such persons ... that want everything.

    The troubles (financial) with Free Software and Linux are based on the fact that people want to get paid. Not only programmers but also the companies ... It is an evolutionary path ... where we Humans did mistakes but correct them.

    Most of the ideas here comes from the innovative Spirit of Steve Jobs as well Jacques Fresco. I have still my own ideas ...

    Bill Gates also is a great person and he deserve its success ... Of course ... But I dislike that he want to be a Cowboy and consider people Cows ... to ride.

    Friends ... we need a Brotherhood ... not a Darknesshood ...

    Like you know I wrote a book about the Book of Apocalypse explained ... let me include here a passage to begin to conclude these words.

    Phylos the Tibetan say,


They must live pure and clean lives, 
understanding the law of God,
the law of sex,
and their duties to each other
in a civilization founded upon principles of
the Fatherhood of God,
the Motherhood of Nature,
and the Brotherhood of Man,
all this to be executed upon the Earth plane
of life according to the measure of a man (See Rev: 21:17)

     Let me make a list about the things we need ... like when we go to SuperMarket ... We don't need only Politicians out of Business.
     We need,
  • A New Science. A better Physics with a Good Base of Mathematics ... to explain a Multi-dimensional Universe a quantize the time from the center of the Galaxy ... where the Black Hole rotates.
  • A New Life Style ... not based on Boss-Slaves or Cowboy-Cows ... but an equal Society ... of course not Socialist, nor Communist ... nor Capitalist.
  • That Science will bring us Clean Energy ... Clean and Free Water ... Electricity and will remove also the Pay-for energy behavior.
  • God play a King role in the daily Life ... not need of Churches on Sunday ... God will be the real King !
  • Most tasks are full automatic ... Cars bring you to the specific directions using Free Energy (not Gasoline) to desired directions without to drive ... the same airplanes and submarines. Of course not atomic energy but Free Energy.
  • We still need a Global Language ... One.
   In this coming New Society there are no people alone watching TV ... but sharing face-to-face ... living together.
    Like a consequence ... people will have its own Company ... Thousand ... Millions ... 6 Billions of small-business ... each one offering its exclusive and fundamental services!
   That Society is beyond Politics, Misery and Wars.
Giovanni A. Orlando.
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