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Sunday, 31 October 2010 07:54

Greetings ... in this very Sun-day ...

     The last February 2010, a market research company called, isuppli analyze the production costs for the ipad, any ipad.

      This automatically lead the profits made by Apple ...

       I, Giovanni consider of course the ipad the best Tablet on Market ... however, I see that slowly this may lead to companies around the world to produce their "own" ipad ... and be Linux based, like happens for the Personal Computer when IBM lose the market originally catches from Apple, and was invented the term "Compatible" PC.

        Thus, why not a "Compatible" iPad ... worldwide? ...

         Honestly there are many, like Google Apad and Panasonic. The story works in Cycles.

         Steve Jobs is the inventor ... and everyone copy him ...

         I, will give you two links and an image.

         This is the image,

        and these are the links,


Giovanni A. Orlando

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