The Great Synthesis of

The Mother Flame



Iam come from the Royal Teton Retreat to place my flame within this city of San Francisco, a flame of Cosmic Christ illumination, the distilla­tion of the path of East and West—the path of illumined action fostered by enlightenment, the ennoblement of deeds, and the love, the light of hearts one in that love.


I say to you, Rule your circumstance and be not ruled by that circumstance. Many who may be praised for virtue would not be altogether vir­tuous when placed in other circumstances. This is why the edict went forth, Judge not lest ye be judged.


Many of you find yourselves today in certain circumstances solely because in another life you have criticized the action of another who was beset by similar circumstances. And therefore, the Great Law, in its infinite mercy and kindness, has given to you the opportunity to walk in the moc­casins, as they say, of the one upon whom you placed that judgment.


Now, then, if you are not satisfied with your cir­cumstance or your dealing with those circumstances of life, remember that you have recourse—recourse to your own Great God Flame and Christ Self who responds instantaneously to your call.


The instantaneous response of Almighty God is not always the immediate change of cir­cumstance. It is rather a release of light, a coil of infinite energy that begins to cycle from the plane of the I AM Presence to your Christ Self through the lines of your etheric, mental, emotional, and physical bodies.


And therefore, the answer to the call may seem a long time manifesting to those souls who look only to the physical to know God's will or God's life.


We are not so much concerned with the physical as we are with the revolution of con­sciousness beginning at the very core of being, the inner blueprint.

When you ask for healing, God always re­leases a sacred fire sphere of healing light. It is deposited deep within your subconscious. As this light begins to flow and cycle through the planes of being, it pushes out to the surface unwanted conditions. It is an electrode that is a focus of God's wholeness. Therefore, all unlike itself must be uprooted, must be exposed.


And therefore, many times when you come in contact with the Great White Brotherhood and begin the experiment as the alchemist of the sacred fire, you find for a season more problems than you had before you even began, and then you wonder why you are on this path in the first place.


Beloved ones, if you want outer wholeness, then go to other sources. There are faith healers. There are psychic healers. There are medicine men, witch doctors, voodoo specialists, and medi­cal scientists. In every society they hold the posi­tion of prominence. It is not our intent to in any way disparage souls of light who pursue to the best of their ability the healing of the bodies of man­kind. In fact, we have inspired upon many the very healing arts which are practiced.


But I tell you, it is often better to suffer pain than to take the aspirin or the painkillers that give you the false sense of security that all is well. Pain is a signal like the red light on the dashboard of life. It tells you that you are not whole and that you had better learn the alchemy of wholeness. Suffering in itself is neither good nor evil, but it is the use that is made of suffering to bring the soul nearer to God that is telling.


Understand, then, the answer to the call. Understand the depositing of light within you. It is God's intent, as God lives and as I am his ser­vant, to bring you into the reunion with the One. And therefore, when you are on the path of initia­tion, do not be so concerned as to your success or failure as a metaphysician measured by the index of the outer sign.


The Lord Christ said that a wicked and an adulterous generation seeketh after a sign, but there shall be no sign given, save the sign of the coming of the prophet Jonah. Jonah in the whale's belly is the symbol of your soul—your soul entering into the subconscious of your own being, work­ing out the formula of that being not only in the level of the mental plane by a scientific alchemy and the affirmation and denial of prayer and fast­ing but also in the working out of the problem of energy, energy forcefields, the law of cause and effect, and ultimately the responsibility for life.


There is much more to the Path than a mir­acle here or there. We could bring forth the mira­cles. We could bring forth the multitudes who always run after the miracles. But we are here that you might be made real by reunion with God. As for us, we prefer a road that is a bit rough, a bit steep, a bit lonely for ourselves and for our chelas than the easy way that gives the false security.


There are many who have masters of this plane. They use hypnosis, autohypnosis, all forms of mental science and psychic probing. And they can show you miles of testimonies of altered con­ditions of consciousness and all sorts of phenom­ena. Well, beloved ones, the rearrangement of energy within this octave will in a few short decades be the first-grade program on the path of life. There is nothing that is simpler.


But many are caught up for years and years and think that they have a certain attainment because, by some spiritual or other process of men­tal cogitation or meditation, they are able to bring about change—a change that is never the alchemy of the Holy Spirit re-forming the mind, the soul, and the being, that is not the alchemy whereby the soul experiences the rebirth, but a change that is the rearrangement of dust, the rearrangement of matter molecules.


What is sickness? What is health? What is poverty? What is riches? Simply the yin, the yang of a relative condition that is yet illusion, except the individual so manifesting may see beyond that manifestation to the reality of the New Day.


From the Ascended Masters' octave, then, I come to speak to you.


Whether the condition of life be happiness, whether the condition of life be suffering, I say, seek the goodness of God. Seek the happiness of God. And if the happiness of God be suffering, then seek suffering. Do not judge Good and Evil, Light and Darkness by the state of your comfortability, but judge by the state of your oneness with God—a oneness that is not a verbalization, a one­ness that is a Be-ness.


Be-ness stripped of all else-this is the path to reunion. Be-ness. I AM. Not to know about it, think about it, feel about it, but simply To Be. And in being, be the perpetual action of Life becoming Life. Be the sword of Kali. Be the scepter of Christ authority. Be the Buddha and let the Holy Spirit live in you.


What is love? Love is whatever brings you to the feet of God, be it cataclysm, be it the perfume of a rose, be it the raindrop upon your nose. What­ever will shake you to the remembrance of me, saith the Lord, that is love.

Be not, then, interpreters of the Word. Be the Word! And let the interpretation be the judg­ment of the action that proceeds. By their fruits ye shall know them. Be the Tree of Life. Let the earth evolutions come and pluck the fruit of your tree, eat of it and enter samadhi.


There is a shortcut to God. It is surrender. There is a shortcut to immortality. It is the death of the ego. There is a way to purity. It is bathing in Mother Ganges. Let the flow of Mother now be unto you purification for a purpose. If purifica­tion had not the purpose of the salvation of the soul, then what need of purification?


I come, then, not with a doctrine of pain and punishment, but a doctrine of merging into the fire without the pain of fire, merging into the fire without the punishment of the depths of darkness.


Beloved ones, I speak to you of an altered state of awareness whereby you enter into a flow where there is no longer resistance to the God I know. For the God I know is the God that I AM, and that God in you is ready to absorb, to assim­ilate, and to become yourself.


See, then, there is a step-by-step process of salvation as the process is a coil of energy. And the coil is the scroll of life, a golden scroll upon which is written the sacred alchemical formula of Being, in order that day by day you may pass through the process. We call the process ritual. Ritual is the walking of the Path, the assimilation of the sacred fire without the burn—without the pain of the burn.


I am Lanto. I come to show you that the goal of life is Sacred Self, that there is no struggle to become that Self but the stepping out of the uniform of humanism, the stepping out of the masquerade of the carnal mind. All that is not yourself cannot bind you unless you give it the power to bind you.


Walk away from the old habits, the old patterns, the old man, the old associations. Stand in the center of the white fire core of your Being. Command that that circumstance that sur­rounds you now submit to the Great God Flame within your heart. Command by the authority of Almighty God and be free.


Do not submit to Darkness but submit in humility to the Light of God that affords every trial, every tribulation. Be the obedient servant of the Law but not of the demons who would mock your humility and call you servile in that fear which is only the fear of the demons because they have not the salvation of God.


I tell you, the only fear there is, is to know that you in your soul—in your soul potential to be God—have never taken a moment in this life to ratify your oneness, have never gone to the Holy of Holies to submit your case to Almighty God, have never said, "Lord, I would be washed by the waters of the Word. I would come into alignment. Show me what I must do to inherit eternal Life."


In other words, in the good old-fashioned evange­lism, make your peace with God—"Prepare to meet thy God."


Earth is a schoolroom. You must not pass from this life in that vulnerable state whereby you become caught in the astral plane, defending yourself against the vultures, the fallen ones who would eat your very flesh and blood because you have not the cylinder of light around you to carry you to immortal heights.


Secure, then, your soul's opportunity to live in eternity in this very moment. Secure it, be­loved ones. For I tell you, many are the sudden transitions, and they come in every walk of life among all types of people. And once the transi­tion is made, the soul, then, must reap the con­sequences of this life on earth. And many spend hundreds of years in the astral plane because they fail to take the opportunity on earth to secure that identity in God.


You may not be ready for the ascension in this hour. But you are ready for your commitment to the eternal covenant. You are ready for the con­version to be God within your heart. You are ready to go forth as a conqueror in life, to command all cir­cumstance to come into the subjection of the one Great Law. You are ready to enter the age of Real­ity—realism, whereby you do not turn your back but face with the calm certitude of inner knowing all that has been less than Christ perfection.


Let the little mechanisms of the subcon­scious mind that have been instituted to protect a weak consciousness from Reality now be set aside in part. I call it forth for the Lightbearers of this band across the earth. I call it forth that you might see the debt to Life you owe, that you might com­mand Life and be free, that you might invoke the sacred fire and know that day by day you are trans­muting the causes and cores of those conditions which heretofore you have denied.


When you deny these conditions, declaring them unreal, whether from the standpoint of the Buddhist or the metaphysician or the intellectual or the moron, I say to you, beloved ones, you turn aside the opportunity to redeem energy.


Energy is God. Every erg of energy that has passed through the nexus of your consciousness through thousands upon thousands of years of incarnation must now be passed through the flame of the sacred fire, be stripped of the outer coating of human consciousness, and sent back into your causal body of Life. This is the real chal­lenge of life on earth—not creature comforts, not the attributing of success to those who have become adept at the manipulations of matter.


Beloved hearts of fire, I have one great long­ing. It is to see you free in the real sense of the term. And because of that longing, I long ago espoused the flame of illumination. For to extend illumination is to remove the screen of maya whereby the soul may see Light, may see Dark­ness, may understand the equation, may know that in the ultimate sense all wrong is unreal.


But in order to be unreal—to be rendered un­real in the physical octave where illusions have the appearance and concreteness of a quasi-reality—it must pass through the fires of transmutation. Therefore, affirm the unreality of sin, disease, and death even while you invoke the violet flame to transmute the effect of a condition of conscious­ness whereby in former times and spaces you accepted and qualified the "reality" of that sin, disease, and death.


Thus molecules of light are stripped of false belief and systems of error by this ritual of trans­mutation. And healing is complete. And the inner man is made whole.

Do you understand that this is the Science of the Immaculate Concept whereby you behold the true geometry of Life—and that that Life beholding itself in you is the quickening power of the true scientist of Christ? And that in that quickening power, you invoke the Holy Spirit and the cause, effect, record, and memory of illusion must also submit?


Therefore, in each chakra there is a practice of the sacred law and the science of Being. In some of your chakras you may decree, in others you meditate, in others you visualize wholeness, in others the science of the Word is the confirmation of health. Then realize, beloved ones, that every path of every religion is intended to supply the Body of God upon earth with a component of this cosmic science—of this way and that so that when you play the seven notes of your chakras and the five notes of the secret rays, you begin to have the full expression of the divine complement of har­mony whereby you are the instrument of the total consciousness of God on earth as in heaven.


When you find the thread—the precious thread of contact—which connects each one of these levels of mastery, you will enter into the great synthesis of the Mother flame. This great synthesis is the white light, and out of the white light is born that religion true, undefiled.


And therefore, we have no argument nor do we come in condemnation of any faith, but we come to bring light, illumination, and under­standing of every faith, that those who are divided in the separate churches might see that each way is a key; and the understanding of the blending of the keys of life will enable all humanity to contact the very core of white fire.


Let this Church Universal and Triumphant, let each devotee within and without realize him­self an electrode for the vast understanding of "I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life."


I am Lanto. I seal you now in the fires of understanding. Let all drink of the eternal fount of the Mother flame and live.





November 13,1977

San Francisco