The Circle and Sword of Blue Flame


The circle and sword of blue flame arc the special im­plements of the legions of purity and blue lightning (Elohim Purity and Astrea, Elohim Hercules and Amazonia, Archangel Michael and Faith, beloved Surya and Cuzco, the Ascended Master El Morya and others).


The circle of blue flame is a ring of spiritual fire that may be invoked around any person, place, condition or thing requiring a concentrated action of the will of God, of his pro­tection or of his purifying power. The circle is used to contain and to immobilize forces of evil. It will absorb the impurities of the soul and the psychic effluvia residual in the four lower bodies of man, which effluvia is often the cause of disease, accident, old age and death. By intensifying the activity of the will of God, it will restore to the consciousness and being of man the original pattern of his perfection and of his divine plan.


The sword of blue flame is a ray of Light, a rod of divine power, a scepter of authority, drawn by the hosts of Light: from their individual God flame. They wield it to cut mankind free from all that would hinder them on the road of attain­ment. In imitation of the Christ-power that is focused in the sword of blue flame, the students may visualize a flaming sword in their right hand, and they may wield it as the angels do.


The Elohim Astrea warns that invisible forces cause more problems than most of us realize. She says, "Have you noticed how dogs seem to bark into the air in this direction and that and there is nothing there? They see the astral plane! They see the astral entities! They warn you! They are your protectors-They many times have blue-lightning angels overshadowing them, and they sense their mission in defense of your life.


"Or perhaps you have noticed how you will have a sudden mood change. You may become angry. You may become sad-You may become depressed. Yes, it may be the product off medication or wrong diet; but more than this, the forces of Darkness produce these conditions. All is at peace and sudden­ly there is an explosion of argument and anger in confronta­tion within the family or between two individuals who love one another deeply.


"All of these things must be seen by you objectively. Your must come to the realization, beloved, that you are dealings with 'principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places.46 This verse refers to hierarchies of fallen angels with whom you deal daily. They move against your most cherished hopes and dreams and dash the cup of Light before you can drink the elixir handed to you by a Seraphim of God."47


Archangel Michael says we should be ashamed to allow demons and discarnates of any kind to trick us when we are off guard. He says, "In that moment when those little demons come and jump on your shoulders and cry out for recognition, you must in that very moment thrust forth your sword. If the truth were known, these demons actually fear the flame in your heart. They know their only hope is to trick you into feeling that you are somehow separated from God. They know they have to catch you off guard. They already know they are no match for the Christ or the God flame within you. They already know that you have all power from God if you will claim it. They have to trick you into failing to claim that power, if but for an instant, in the moment when they come.48


Lanello says, "Don't be ... fair game for any little half-pint demon that desires to unhorse you and does."49