Chapter 1

The Cult of





In the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall he ... lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.
























The Cult of Hedon







The Pursuit of Happiness


When the Lord God made man, he made man in his own image.1 It does not say that he made one man in his own image and all the rest of them in another image. Yet we read a strange thing: after Cain murdered Abel, Cain went into the land of Nod to take a wife.2 Therefore, we realize that there were other evolutions on the earth at that time.


In orthodoxy we find that the beginning is made to be almost like a fairy story—"once upon a time." But it didn't happen that way. The evolutions of this universe are millions of years old, and we learn in the ancient Hindu scriptures known as the Vedas of what they call the expulsion from the mouth of God of the universe. As a child would take a balloon and begin to blow up the balloon, so the mouth of God pushed out the universes, the starry bodies, the heavens into space. This has occurred and is scientifically corroborated by many of our scientists today.3


The Vedas then tell us that after the universe gains a certain size, it begins to decrease in size and is once again taken into the mouth of God. These pralayas or manvantaras, the exhaling of the universe and the inhaling of the universe, are all a part of a cycle so vast that it almost defies our thoughts.


All of this indicates the vastness of the universe, a vastness that yet takes into account individual life. Regardless of the size of the universe, it is still concerned with the monad, the individual—and this is the wonder of it all. For in one sense of the word, we are each a miniature universe. We have the key to the whole universe in our consciousness. We can expand that consciousness out and mentally take into account the whole universe.


When the Christ, by whom all things were made, was himself brought forth from the heart of the Father, it was the greatest moment of all time. It had nothing to do with two thousand years ago. We should understand very clearly, then, that not by a vain theological speculation, not by mere words uttered by our mouths, but by the Living Word we read: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God… All things were made by him; and without him was nothing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men."4

So we see that the natal day of our universe was the natal day of our Lord, the eternal Universal Christ. Each of us was created in God's image; he also is made in God's image. The Christ was the first emanation from the Father—the Word, the Logos. So in one sense of the word, when the morning stars danced together for joy at the first moment of primal creation, it was the birthday of a king—the King of kings and Lord of lords who said, "Before Abraham was, I AM."5 We are all unseparated drops of the infinite ocean of God when we rightly understand ourselves.


The consciousness that "in sin did my mother conceive me" came after the Fall of man, after he entered into the consciousness of the flesh, after he became involved in the sense of separation. As long as he could commune with God face to face in the Garden in the cool of the day, as long as he was aware of God and the Reality thereof, there was no sense of separation for Adam.


The words "And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden"6 bespeak a place where happiness abounds because Universal Law is obeyed. During that time, communion with the heart of God was sweet, real and tangible. Each moment of that communion was an interchange of awareness and exchange of concepts whereby the son grew in grace and stature finding "favor with God." In the Garden there was an abundance of peace and harmony and of quiet realization where the cup of joy runneth over. These moments with God were sought after, and each monad entering the ivy-covered arbor of communication emerged enriched and contented.


There is a concept of religious passivism abroad today, which, when incorrectly applied, leads to spiritual apathy and even a consciousness of doom concerning the inevitability of the end of the world: there is nothing we can do about world conditions anyway, so we'll wait for Jesus to come and save us and for the judgment of the wicked. This erroneous philo­sophy is subtly woven throughout the Old and New Testa­ments as a dark thread that comes to the surface of the light tapestry just often enough to influence the interpretation of the message of the Christ slightly to the left or right of center.


Let us, then, heed the warning of the Master who said, "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." We point this out to remind the disciple on the Path that the carnal mind is ever at hand to argue against the wisdom of the Ancient of Days. And the lost Word, then, is lost because men look without, and that which is within is thereby impoverished.


Turning once again to the happy state of "walking with God," men will expand their heart's treasures. For obedience is not intended to be a yoke of burden to man but a security and trust that provides him limitless happiness here and now and that ultimate transcendence that will indeed make him to know the joy of the Lord.


The Search for Happiness


The importance that the founding fathers of America placed on "the pursuit of happiness" is indicated by the fact that they were willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to preserve those truths that they held to be self-evident—not the least of which was the pursuit of happiness.8 They knew that no document could guarantee happiness but that everyone should be given the opportunity of searching. This shows the value that men place upon their own personal joy and their beliefs in the inherent right of finding it, which they deem essential to life itself.


The word Hedon mans "pleasure,"[1] and it is to the seeking of personal pleasure that the multitudes of the planet are dedicated, each man defining for himself that which brings satisfaction to his being. Will Durant defined hedonism as "the doctrine that pleasure is the actual, and also the proper, motive of every choice."9


In reality, the Garden of Eden, or Edon, was a garden of delight and beauty where divine pleasure was assured to the soul. Today the tempo of individual manifestation and the trends of life have created a false understanding of what pleasure really is, where it is to be found, how it is obtained and what the end result will be to the individual.


We live in a society of pleasure-seekers who have formed the Cult of Hedon and whose values, or lack of them, equate pleasure with the repudiation of moral codes, high ethics, decency, clean speech and cosmic law. By the power of habit, men are held in vice grips of slavery to a debauchery that daily takes its toll in their lives, defrauding them of necessary vitality, milking dry their economy and leading them to spiritual bankruptcy.


This pattern of self-destruction must be understood by every thinking and feeling person who is con­cerned in any measure with the preservation of opportunities for personal freedom and universal opportunity for the planet and its evolutions.


Records of Atlantis


Saint Germain reveals that these patterns are not new or unique to this age: "Long ago on Atlantis, the race of men then seeking to know, to dare, to do and to silently pursue the laws of life fell into the habit of thinking they had reached the ultimate in accomplishment because they were manifesting considerable control over material substance. Nevertheless, such phenomena were and are by no means indicative of a true inner God-awareness and Self-control. Atlantean science, like the present-day physical sciences, seemed the highest; and materialism, atheism and sensuality, with gratification of personal wants, stood to the men and women of that day second only to the goals of the supreme state.


"In this false satiety, this false communal spirit, they vainly imagined that freedom from physical labor would provide all with the ultimate in enlightenment as a by-product of their newfound luxury, leisure and what they called 'the good life.'


Pursuing the wisdom of the world and seeking to be thought wise among men, the people sought out licentious activities that palled on the senses while they ignored the call to adore the Source of Life and to fulfill the supreme creative purpose. Thus they outpictured the left side of the tablet, thinking nothing was new, and averring, as the Book of Revelation declares, 'I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing.' This attitude contrasts with the divine assessment of their state, which reads, 'And knowest not that thou art wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked.' (Rev:3:17)


"To make all things new requires a steadfast conscious effort and intent in the pursuit of intangible as well as tangible goals. It requires a special focusing of the sacred fire in heart, head and hand and an inner resolve, a God-firmness, if you will, which, as a fiery zeal, assures the aspirant of unwavering progress. This progress is reflected first in greater happiness— which God intends all to have—and then in a more rapid usheringin of the kingdom whereby the natural estate of mankind draws outwardly closer to the Ideal Image, and secular pursuits ally themselves with spiritual goals.


"The unquestioned Reality of man's cosmic destiny pre­ordained in the mind of God is 'nothing new under the sun.’11 But by daily renewing his covenant with his Maker, man makes new his original birthright, infusing each interaction of the law of being with vitality and perpetual joy. At present, man's destiny—his own individual Deity-established-in-you matrix (Destiny)—is held secure in the heart of God. This matrix is entrusted to those advanced souls upon earth who drink the communion cup of our Lord's cosmic abundance until it runneth over with everlasting joy."12


And so we see that Atlantis had then and Atlantis revisited today in the United States of America has a destiny of out-picturing the flame of Omega, the Matter cosmos and the Mater-realization of the God flame. And inasmuch as science and technology and inventions are laid upon the altar of the Divine Mother to the end that, free from drudgery, people might pursue a spiritual life and pursue that adeptship that is theirs to have, then it is a lawful manifestation.


But we have seen in many such civilizations and the records of them in akasha that when people have so much given to them of conveniences and of technology, instead of taking the opportunity to pursue the spiritual path, they begin to indulge in the squandering of the sacred fire in any and all of the chakras. This leads to the depletion, therefore, of the Light in the temple, and consequently the inability to identify with a path of personal Christhood. The people then become degenerate.


This has happened not only on our planet, but also long ago on what was then the planet closest to the sun, which was destroyed and is now only an asteroid belt. (You can read Aromah Quan Yin – Pleiadian Perspective of Human Evolution Check Web @


The Origin of the Cult of Hedon


Tracing the evolution of souls beyond this planet, we can go back to the planet Maldek, and beyond that to another planet, called Hedron. Once a paradise of beauty and culture, Hedron[2] contained within its Causal Body a divine plan for a Golden Age civilization. On this planet was an evolution of souls destined to outpicture the flame of divine love under the direct influence of Helios and Vesta in the center of our solar system.


They basked in the sun, they rejoiced in the love of God, but after a time, that rejoicing, that childlike innocence, turn­ed to selfishness and to the pleasure cult. And so the word

"hedonist" has descended all the way from Hedron as the sign of those who make the goal of life the pleasure of the five senses. The totally selfish consciousness of those evolving on that planet resulted in their self-annihilation. They destroyed themselves and they destroyed their planet.


Those who were counted worthy, the remnant of the Hedonists (or the Hedrons) were allowed to reembody on Maldek. At that time Maldek was a very pure, virgin planet. With the coming of the Hedrons, this planet was also per­verted through a pleasure cult.


The Hedrons were not a new evolution. They had great experience in science and in war, and they were able to create weapons greater than our most modern nuclear weapons, inventions greater than our most modern forms of trans­portation in air, on sea and land. And so they brought about a nuclear holocaust on Maldek and destroyed themselves. All that remains of that planet is the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter."



Once again there were souls Thrust from physical embodi­ment floating on the astral plane.[3] Once again, life provided an opportunity. The Lords of Karma determined that two-thirds of the evolution of that entire planet were not worthy of perpetuation. They were brought to final judgment and they passed through the second death. One third who were considered redeemable, those who were humanitarians, phi­lanthropists, scientists, who had resisted war and inharmony, who had resisted the misuse of love—love as obedience and love as vision—were allowed to reembody upon the earth.


Thus the earth is beset with a race of people who have a previous evolution of the pleasure cult, of science, of creating babies in test tubes, of creating all forms of life, of controlling genes and chromosomes, of waging war. These people (who are called laggards because they lagged behind the spiritual evolution of this system) embodied on Atlantis, and they began to repeat the same way of life, and so earth also became infested with this pleasure cult.14


The Fall of Hedron


Gautama Buddha opens the record and the memory of what was once a Golden Age on the planet Hedron: "Beloved of the Golden Sun of the Infinite One, how art thou now transported into another golden sphere—a sphere of memory that does become a Reality only in the Eternal Now. For the mortal cannot capture the infinitude of a presence of a once-manifest Golden Age so long past, now forgot.

"Come, then, for I would speak to you in this golden sphere, once thy habitat, once the kingdom of joy. And this joy, beloved, is the true bliss of the Divine Union, a joy of a paradise that seemed as though it would never end.


"This golden sphere, beloved, where I am taking you is in fact the Causal Body and the point of origin of a planet closest to the sun, identified to you by beloved Lanello as 'Hedron.' What you know of Hedron is its descent into a cult of plea­sure, but I bring you to the golden sphere of a paradise that was beyond all necessity of human pleasure.


"For here I would that you might experience for an hour with me this night what it is to be in the warmth of the golden sunshine of love and to know the fullness of all joy in all chakras of being, oneness with the twin flame and with God.


So, beloved, it is a reprieve from a planet called 'Earth' where you sojourn and have entered to tarry with the Lord and to toil for the hour of his appearing…


"Thus, hearts of Light, it is a giant sphere that takes us there for contemplation upon a perfection so light, so beautiful, so immediately the transfer of the temple of Helios and Vesta—truly the first point of qualification of this 'sun­light' by a planetary body followed by the calling and the office of other planetary bodies of the seven spheres.


"Beloved ones, to enter here now you may see the beauty, the verdure, the fragrance, the harmony of an existence that each and every one of you knows exists somewhere in the vast somewhere. It is a memory like this, beloved, that endows all human existence with hope, with certainty of faith and con­viction born of experience that Earth is not as God intended it to be and that there is an Eternal Now waiting for the soul.


"I give you a moment to explore—with eye and swift­ness of Mercurian feet, winged-sandaled—meadows, forests, streams, vast bodies of water, sky and lightness, elemental life, visible angels—not overpopulated nor under, for on a small orb such as this many can evolve when harmony is as natural as the grace of birds and flowers in springtime.


"Sit back, as it were, beloved, and relax in this atmo­sphere. Absorb from this great Causal Body of golden light and pink glow-ray a peace, a recharging, a sense of divine purpose and ultimate goals, and know that all that separates you from this experience is time, space and karma—kal-desh.


"These things are not impenetrable obstacles. Time can be transcended when it is mastered. Space can be penetrated when it is absorbed. Karma can be dealt with, for all that is required is to deal with the day's allotment. Cast it into the sacred fire early that thy work might be a gain in self-mastery for the next karmic assignment and spiritual lesson.


"Now then, this golden sphere does not leave one passive, without activity and challenge; it affords new vistas, almost a sense of urgency to unfold cosmic splendor and science. Here Ascended Masters, unascended ones see the immediacy of becoming God and more of God. Earth's playground—or playpen—is a very limited challenge. From this level the whole of the Spirit/Matter Cosmos beckons. Any one of you can consider those things that would take your heart and mind and diligence if you but had the hours, if you had taken from you the struggle and the dire challenges of earthly existence. Know, then, that there is no plateau in infinity, no end of opportunity, discovery, happiness, creativity.


"In the wonder of this beauty where many of the inhabi­tants of Hedron could see to the very heart of the Sun itself, the presence of Helios and Vesta, there eventually came about on the part of some, absent of true gratitude and appreciation for these opportunities unlimited, a desiring for other dis­coveries in lesser spheres, in lower vibrations.


"Why, then, would they desire less than all of this? Because in the lower domain, you see, they would achieve notoriety and a human kind of a godhood not subject to a hierarchical chain of command; they would achieve indepen­dence and the fulfillment of a desire for a pleasure that would slowly begin with a titillation of the outer senses instead of the stimulus of the inner sensitivities of the soul.


"Gradations of vibration are subtle, beloved, and the one least aware of his own fluctuation is the individual himself. Only a single blind spot, and one (thinking he is yet in the corona of the Sun) may have strayed many miles from the highest vibrations of Maitreya. Many have not understood what is known as the fall of angels, but I tell you, beloved, the descent is always by imperceptible degrees.


"Now, if you but think of this eventuality on Earth, you are very much aware, for instance, that those who are ignorant know not that they are ignorant, even as in the animal kingdom the animal that is clumsy knows not that he is clumsy. You have all seen insensitivity of conscience, of awareness of Christ Self allow individuals to rationalize heinous crimes against humanity, all manner of perverse relationships and actions against one another justified for some so-called righteous cause, even as you have seen individuals locked into pockets of self-deception believing they are God-fearing and of the highest path or, on the other hand, aware they have chosen the left and yet so very certain it is correct.


"Thus, if you will attempt to understand the mysteries of life from examples and equations of Earth, you may come to some very practical as well as sobering conclusions to the questions you ask—primarily: Why would one leave the very center of the throne of grace in the heart of God in the Great Central Sun to descend for experimental purposes or other reasons?


"I show you gradations of Light and Darkness and how these have resulted, in fallen angels, as a direct opposition to the Most High. This is easier to understand than the apathy of the sons and daughters of God who stray just a little and all of whose actions seem to be Godlike and for righteousness. These pedal in one place. They know not what place they are in; they have no sense of co-measurement—neither betwixt Earth and the lower astral plane nor Earth and the Golden City of Light or the Golden Planet of Light in this sphere where we are.


"Blessed ones, the shadows creep and fall across the un­suspecting soul. No matter what plane of occupation, whether the etheric or in dense Earth, once one has entered the decision to be in relativity, a relative good and evil based on a position and a defense of one's right—'my right'—from thenceforth, beloved, one can calculate neither the plummeting nor the ascent. Something apart from oneself must report the goings and the comings—the rise and fall of the soul…


The Causal Body of Hedron


"There is a Causal Body for each planet of the system, and there are spheres of Light that contain the record of all good in that collective Causal Body. The Causal Body of each plane­tary home contains the entire momentum of the members of the Great White Brotherhood[4] and unascended souls who have evolved upon it, and may be called upon to 'swing round.' And in that swing it becomes congruent to those earthbound, as you say, and can transmit in an instant a Light and a power that can also consume on an instant.


"This consuming, to the inhabitants of such a sphere so touched by the sphere of the Causal Body, can seem as utter destruction, desolation or annihilation, as though someone flashed a light and a goodly portion of the known world were to be changed. This is a method of drawing a world abruptly back into an alignment with the inner blueprint. It is not the preferred method, beloved, but it does avert ultimate chaos and destruction of souls.


"What occurs in this method is a reducing of the identity of all. For to take from the individual his karma or his human creation before he has gained a mastery of the Light in the opposite dimension—that is, in the dimension of the I AM Presence—is therefore to reduce his identity. For one's karma and one's human creation is one's self until one has trans­muted it and ascended to a higher level of self-awareness.


"Thus, if you can imagine a flash of light as a nuclear explosion coming upon the planet only for a split second, in that moment God would have the power to reduce all equally, let us say, by ten percent, by fifteen percent, depending on what reduction would be necessary in order to avert an utter calamity or cataclysm. This has been done in the past. Entire evolutions have been 'dwarfed,' you might say—reduced in life span, reduced in stature. Thus, as the Evil was cut back, so the potential for greater Good was also cut back until that evolution should come unto a love for and an obedience to the higher Law and Lord.


"The drawback to this solution to a planetary equation that was once the dilemma of Hedron or Maldek and is fast becoming the dilemma of Earth is that there is no lesson learned. There is the same potential for Evil as that which created the greater danger in the first place. Without the intercession of World Teachers, those so reduced will simply continue on in their old ways, and the Darkness will mount again as new Nimrods come forth to build new towers greater than before.


"So you see, beloved ones, there is a certain futility to this solution; for the planets that have received it have not merited further World Teachers, having been given many, even as many have been sent to Earth. Thus, without an Intercessor, a Maitreya, they have simply built again, just as the grass grows and the weeds return once the fields have been cut or the lawn mowed.


"Thus, the advantage is a certain gaining of time. And this time was gained in Earth through the flood of Noah, the sinking of continents, and the reduction of the life span of the evolutions on Terra.15 And even withal, teachers were sent again and again. Yet, the joy of it all is that there has been a harvest of souls who have ascended for the gaining of that time, for the setting back of the potential of Evil on Earth. Thus, there is in the annals of Earth, as we read them this night from the golden sphere, some salutary word that souls have been won for the ascension and have attained a Godhood that otherwise might have been lost…


"One of the dilemmas that face the Cosmic Council and the Lords of Karma at this juncture of the history of this system of worlds is that some among the Lightbearers descended too far, lost the way, identified with fallen angels through only a splinter of pride, which grew and festered and began to dominate their existence. These Lightbearers, then, lost the momentum, lost the wind in their sails.


"It is about these Lightbearers that we are most concerned, that the Darjeeling Council and the Messengers are concerned —that they, having a memory of higher spheres, not sensing the gradations of consciousness over which they have crossed, do not have a sense of the danger, do not have a sense of the jeopardy in which their souls are placed when such forces of Darkness as are being witnessed today are coming nearer and nearer a confrontation on the planet.


"This planet where they should be but pilgrims, sojourners in the way, easily able to take their leave of it, has now become to many of these children of the Sun a prison house from which they cannot escape. They have lost the key to open the prison doors, and unless some make the call, no angel will come to open those doors. This is a far greater dilemma to Sanat Kumara than the plight of a mankind that has ever walked the easy, downward way.


"We seek to save that which has lost the First Estate, those who were once in the kingdom of joy. It is our hope that in saving these, there might be an engrafting of the Word"' unto those who have it not. Unless, then, the firstfruits be saved from psychicism and all manner of false prophecy, how, then, can there be another opportunity for humanity at large?...


"I will tell you, then, beloved, that the golden sphere of Light where you now abide is about to be transferred… As all Lightbearers have entered it, now the golden sphere itself does begin to move toward planet Earth. When it is fully accomplished,... you will know that there is a very large golden sphere of Light that literally touches the Earth in its lower portion.


"It is like a tree house into which you climbed as a child. This place, beloved, forms the figure-eight flow with the 'Place Prepared' below. It provides you with a haven of paradise even as you work the works of God at hand. It provides you with an inner blueprint and a power source that you have not known.

"This sphere, beloved, is positioned with its center being the throne that I occupy as Lord of the World. Thus, I was called to other octaves by the Cosmic Council and Sanat Kumara many weeks ago, and to me they presented this proposal. For Hedron has long gone beyond the pale of restoration and has become, as you know, an asteroid belt.


"Therefore, the Cosmic Council decreed: Why not deliver this sphere to those Lightbearers of Earth who have dem­onstrated the responsibility and the ability to produce what is necessary? Why not give to them access to so great a reservoir of Light and kingdom of joy that those who have been called by Serapis to ascend and stand with him as the stalwarts of Thermopylae might have almost unlimited wealth, abundance, opportunity, wisdom—and at the same time an escape hatch if the various courses of action should come to pass that have to do with the return of mankind's karma?...


"For you, beloved, were a part of the building of this kingdom of joy and this Causal Body; and therefore, because you are here—having volunteered to redeem the karma not only of Earth but of Hedron (for many of its fallen evolutions have reembodied here)—you, then, by your presence have also allowed this event to take place.


"Thus, in truth, many upon Earth who did not go the way of the pleasure cult completely but regained their senses and stood fast have, to your credit, substance in this Causal Body. Thus, you have a point of polarity with it and now, for the first time in thousands of years, access to this cumulative momentum of world good."17




The Cult of Hedon is very real to man, albeit few know it as such. The chief evils of the world gain entrance into man's being (where they vie for his soul) through misconceptions concerning his own personal identity.


The statement "I am I and no one else" cannot be denied. But to affirm "I am I and everyone else must see me deified," as do many among mankind, is to invert the affirmation of God in man “I AM THAT I AM,” is to limit oneself in the self-centered attitude of the human ego. The subtle pressures of the ego for recognition are to be found not only in the attitude of the pauper and peasant, but also that of poet and prince.


An understanding of the forces involved in pleasure seeking and of the interplay of individual and mass emotions is important both to those who have a background in psychology and the behavioral sciences and also to those who have little academic preparation in these fields. In the chapter entitled "Your Synthetic Image,"[5] an allegorical explanation of the development of the personal consciousness was given. A rereading of this chapter at this juncture will assist the stu­dent in following the points we are about to outline.


While the very definition of the word infinite indicates that it has neither beginning nor ending, and this as definition in the mathematical sense is acceptable to the modern mind, the term must also be applied in the metaphysical sense to the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent One.


As God is infinite, so man as the finite manifestation of the Infinite finds self-realization in the space-time continuum at that point where he (through individualization in the world of form—the three-dimensional world) achieves a measure of self-identity.


If infinity is thought of as a circle having neither beginning nor ending, and for the purpose of metaphor we think of God as that circle, then man, as manifestation, is a point some­where or anywhere on that circle. This is the point of indi­vidualization, the point where the Infinite becomes finite, where God is individed and the Whole becomes many points. (Nevertheless, that Whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, because even the greatest finite number can never equal infinity.)


When man was first created, the first word he tittered upon realizing himself, embryonically, was the word "Why, I AM" or "Lo, I AM." Thus the name of God (I AM) becomes the Word incarnate—the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us—the first word of creation and the first response of the creation.


Without the name of God, without the declaration "I AM THAT I AM,"18 there can be no individualization (no in-dividing of the Word), and the manifestation remains in the void without identity. It is thus uttered at the moment when awareness of self is realized as an independent-dependent part of the whole. And until it is spoken, there is, in reality, no activation of self-awareness.


It is to that moment, the nexus where the components of eternity descend into the capsule of time, that we would direct you in thought, for at that time the screen of man's consciousness is a white paper uncontaminated by any human thought or feeling. As the consciousness descends into the world of form, there is no contamination. But the moment individuality becomes veiled in flesh, it is made subject to a vast number of impressions, many of which are not realized at first. For the individual soon contacts the mass consciousness of thought and feeling in the evolutions of earth, and impressions of the imperfections in nature are thus formed upon the screen of the mind through contagion.


Utter rejection of many of these impressions has occurred in the lives of avatars who quickly extricated themselves from earthly consciousness and began to manifest, while still upon earth, a higher consciousness. But these were the few rather than the many. The many have succumbed to various levels of degradation. And the consciousness of man, trapped and snared by his own search for pleasure, was dethroned from its high estate and detoured into byways of self-disinheritance.


The Christ pursues joy as a babbling brook rushes to meet the larger tributary—joining hands with the many lifestreams that have all come from the One Source and desire total reunion in the ocean of God's blissful, bountiful Being. In reality, the search for pleasure, for joy, for happiness and for understanding of the meaning of life is a perfectly natural activity for the soul as she moves toward her own pristine purity; as she is impressed with cosmic influences that come directly from God in accordance with universal law.[6] There is nothing wrong with the search for joy and happiness, or even in its manifestation, as long as that search does not degrade or destroy the subtle manifestations of the invisible spirit man as it beckons the soul to rise in consciousness back to its supreme Source and then outwardly to express in the world of form and dimension mastery of self and personal destiny.


True Joy and Happiness


The Ascended Master Kuthumi, our divine psychologist, explains that "to 'overcome the world' does not necessitate the surrender of true joy and happiness, of sweetness and light. To overcome the world is to understand the unnatural posi­tion of the traditional world order as it relates to man's spiritual identity. Wheat and tares growing side by side await the harvest sickle. God himself has tarried long and patiently awaited the manifestation of his created beauty, the perfection of the Divine Image on earth and in the individual lives of all mankind…


"In the early days of planetary evolution when the former cycles were dominant, the beauty of perfection of the first Golden Ages was a joy to behold. All of the natural powers of Christ-manifestation, now so sadly lacking among mankind, were in evidence everywhere. Men, women and children rejoiced together in the sunlight of perfect cosmic harmony. Nature outdid herself to lavish her perfection and beauty upon a joyous people. Communion with the angelic hosts and with the higher Presences of life, the representatives of God and the Lords of the Flame from the very heart of God, was a process as natural as that which occurs today when men and women tune in their television screens and see familiar faces appear.


"It is very difficult, of course, for people to understand 'how the all-powerful Creator could,' as they phrase it, 'permit the shadows of the world to obscure the beauty and perfection of the natural order of godliness that is within every man.' This turning upside down of human consciousness, this inversion of immortal principle into a mortal lack of truth and justice is a fog that occurred in the awful majesty of the will. But it was not the will of God that was perverted but only the will of man."20.


"Today people boast of their free will. They are proud of the fact that they can reject that which they find objectionable and that they have within their hearts the means (so they think) whereby they can make correct judgments concerning all things. This judgment is often based upon the accepted world order and the inner attunement that mankind have with one another. They do not seem to realize the effects of these mental and emotional ties and their influences upon one another. The almost hypnotic, purposeless flitting about of the people of the world in the vain search of pleasure taxes even the imaginations of their hearts."21





The Sword of Truth

When the ego usurps the position of the Christ, no longer is man's pursuit of joy but ego satisfactions. Divine love is lost to human love, for no man can serve two masters.22


One of the great Ascended Master teachers, called the Great Divine Director, speaks of this division within the being of man: "Among his many profound observations concern­ing the human psyche. Saint Paul noted: 'For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do… I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me… But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members.'"


"This dichotomy found in the valley of decision by every individual seeking to do right is often the result of a warfare that threatens to divide the very personal self of that one.


But Christ said, 'I came not to send peace, but a sword.'24 The sword that is sent is the sword of Christ discrimination and Truth that cleaves asunder the false from the True, showing men the Reality of their divine nature and the utter futility of the human. It is designed to set apart those who choose to champion the cause of freedom rather than that of their own personal egos and smug concepts."25


The major cause of man's unrest evolves from the insa­tiable demands of the personal ego, the incorrect use of the creative energies, the use of tobacco and harmful drugs, the imbibement of alcoholic beverages and the partaking of pro­cessed foods from which nature's own balanced life-sustaining ingredients have been removed. The chemical nightmares thus induced in the body temple can destroy the ecstatic carrying power of the nerves themselves until men and women approach a place where there is less and less satisfaction in life, rather than more and more.


The victims of these abuses are legion and all indulgences of excesses are indeed, as the apostles have stated in the scriptures, a "superfluity of naughtiness."26 When sensual satisfaction is the goal in the pursuit of pleasure, one always finds himself at a dead end.


We see many signs that the moral cement of society is crumbling. This is reflected not only in the shoddy construc­tion of buildings and highways, of bridges and of drainage systems, but also in the slipshod use to which man puts life's energies.


People quickly learn the "easy way out," and they are lured by the power of wrong example. They seldom realize the worth of well-doing in the lives of others, faltering even in the acceptance of the need to do well, all the while seeking a harvest of good and permanent fruit for themselves. Yet, the Master said, "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”27.


How have such misconceptions concerning the basic truths of universal law been foisted upon mankind?


Why has the lie of the archdeceivers found such easy acceptance?


What is actually responsible for the downward trends that are destroying the integrity and the worth of the individual at every turn?

How can we remedy the current debauchery in our society? And will such remedies strip mankind of the essential pleasures that his being seems to require midst the turmoil of current world conditions?


Do states of happiness of a higher order exist that can fulfill every human need?


Can these states of happiness be contacted by man today?


How may he recognize them and find deliverance from conditions unwanted by him over which he seems to have no control?


These are the questions we will attempt to answer in this chapter. The answers we give will be based on the teachings of the Ascended Masters and our own knowledge of God's Laws.

[1] * While Hedon is not a word in common usage, hedonism is defined as the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief good in life, or a way of life based on this doctrine. The origin is given as the Greek hedotie, meaning "pleasure."


[2] A group of asteroids close to Sun, is what remains of planet Hedron. It was called 2004 JG6

[3] * The astral plane is a frequency of time and space beyond the physical, yet below the mental, corresponding to the emotional body of man and the collective unconscious of the race. Because the astral plane has been muddied by impure human thought and feeling, the term "astral" is often used in a negative context to refer to that which is impure or psychic.


[4] * The Great White Brotherhood is a spiritual order of saints and adepts of every race, culture and religion. These Masters have transcended the cycles of karma and rebirth and reunited with the Spirit of the living God. The word "white" refers to the aura or halo of white Light that surrounds them.


[5] See chapter 1 of The Path of the Higher Self, the first book in the Climb the Highest Mountain series.


[6] * Whether housed in a male or female body, the soul is the feminine principle and Spirit is the masculine principle of the Godhead. The soul, then, is addressed by the pronouns she and her.