The Cause of Racial Strife

The ascended master El Morya says, "1 do not believe that division is the divine intent. I do not believe that manipulators do not exist in the world. I know that they exist, and that they exist to the total degradation of man."6

Jesus delivered the same message when he explained the mystery of the tares among the wheat. He said, "The good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one; the enemy that sowed them is the devil."7

We find throughout history that racial strife has its origin in the divide-and-conquer tactics of these who are called the fallen ones. These are they who, by choice, by free will, have taken what is known as the left-handed path. They appear in every race and in every nation. The

ascended masters call them "the spoilers" because wherever there is light, true religion and joy, they come to spoil that pure and holy innocent vibration of the good seed. These fallen ones have used race to divide the children of God on earth, and it is time that this lie be exposed!

It was through these divide-and-conquer tactics that the great light, the golden age, on the continent of Africa was initiated. This episode in cosmic history is described in Climb the Highest Mountain ... speaks Ascended Master Alexander Gaylord,

"To accomplish the breakdown of order, it is necessary to invert every other quality of God in man and in society: love must be turned into hatred; peace into war; truth into error; faith into doubt, fear and suspicion; and the sweet wine of Holy Communion into the bitter fruit of psychic intercourse.

"These perversions are systematically enforced through infiltrating God-government, education, science, and religion, the family, the church and the community with the warped concepts of warped minds. The authors of these perversions of the God flame have one goal in mind: the destruction of man and society through the dethroning of the Real Image"8— the image of Christ within.

What happened on the continent of Africa unfolds:

"By employing distraction and confusion as alternate weapons, the very few have turned the many upon this planetary home away from the main issues of life and the central order of the universe. The masterminds who brought down the children of Africa and an ancient civilization of great light that once flourished on what has come to be known as 'the dark continent,' did so through the perversion of its sacred rituals and art forms. By injecting distortions of the divine art into the consciousness of the people, they were able to capture their minds and emotions and to divert their attention from the Presence,* causing their energies to flow into matrices of dense desire.

"As time went on, the people lost the wisdom of their ancestors, worshiping those they should have emulated. The accounts of sacred powers wielded by their forebears became folklore. All forgot that long ago they, too, had been entrusted with the secrets of the universe. Thus, the history of a people who perished for want of vision is written in akasha9—a dramatic portrayal of the cultural sinking of a continent

"What happens to a people who lose the light that once rendered transparent the very cells of their bodies, is most pitiful to behold. Ultimately, the ubiquitous rhythm of the jungle reduced their beings to a primitive state, and the tie that had held these children of Mu in orbit around the golden sun of Cosmic Christ illumination was broken. Truly darkness covered the face of the land."10

Today, we are witnessing the return of the light and the Mother flame to the continent of Afra. The children of Afra are responding to the fires of freedom. The masters pray that they choose to be the Christed ones and manifest the victory for all.